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Shaitaan- A Criminal Mind: Mohammad Saleem Kuraishi A Serial Killer killed over 250 people (Episode 1 on 1st Dec 2012)


The Inside Story

Meerut Police Arrest Serial Killer Involved in over 250 Cases of Murder

The Meerut police have arrested Mohammad Saleem Kuraishi, also known as Sunil, for his involvement in more than 250 cases of murder. According to sources, he confessed to being the kingpin of the Saleem gang, which killed 250 people in three years. At least 40 to 45 policemen also became victims of this notorious killer.

The Saleem gang was active in eastern Uttar Pradesh and trying to spread its reach in the western part of the state. The police are conducting raids to arrest other members of the gang. Salim, a middle-aged taxi driver, claimed that most of his victims were tourists or outstation visitors who hired his cab for traveling in and around the city. He and his gang members would kill the passengers and take their valuables and cash.

This shocking revelation highlights the importance of being cautious while traveling and hiring taxis from unknown sources. It also serves as a reminder to law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to prevent such heinous crimes. The arrest of Salim and his gang members will bring some relief to the families of the victims and help in restoring public trust in the police.

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