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Crime Patrol: Naresh Sharma gets himself murdered to claim insurance money (Episode 179, 180 on 17th, 18th Nov 2012)



The Inside Story

Businessman's Murder Plot Unraveled

Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, India - The police have cracked the murder of a businessman, Harsh Gupta, whose body was found on September 20. The police have gathered conclusive evidence that Gupta had planned his own murder due to financial liabilities worth more than Rs 50 lakh. Gupta's family was expected to get insurance money after his death, which he hoped would write off the debts.

Gupta was a local BJP leader and dealt in readymade garments. His body was recovered from a village under Kotwali police station of Lakhimpur. The police were initially clueless about the motive until they noticed one number that was appearing frequently in Gupta's call details. The number was traced to Shatrohan of Phool Behard village in Lakhimpur, who initially refused to admit his role in the murder but later confessed that Gupta had plotted his own murder.

Gupta had approached Shatrohan about a fortnight before his murder and convinced him to plan his murder. Gupta agreed to pay Rs 10,000 to Ram Asrey to do the job. The trio met on September 19 evening, and after consuming liquor and tablets, Gupta asked the two to murder him. Ram Asrey first shot him in the back from a distance, and once Gupta hit the ground, Asrey strangled him. Gupta's family is now unlikely to get the benefits of life insurance as the murder plot has been unraveled.

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