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Crime Patrol: Runaway boy cannot recall where he spent 13 days (Episode 181 on 23rd Nov 2012)

The Inside Story

Std IV Student Rescued After 13 Days

Mumbai, India - A Std IV student was rescued after being missing for 13 days. The boy was traced to Chunabhatti on Thursday, where he spoke to a traffic police constable and got help to return home. He told his father that an unidentified man had taken him to his house in Dharavi, where he was beaten and not allowed to leave. The police are investigating the matter.

The boy had run away from his home in Sion Shivaji Nagar Cooperative Housing Society after his father made him stand outside the house for telling a lie about attending a tuition class. He went to play with friends instead. When he was trying to find his way back home, a man accosted him and took him to his house, promising to help him return home on Sunday. However, the boy was not allowed to leave the house for 13 days.

The boy managed to flee when the man was at work and his wife was in the kitchen. He reached Chunabhatti and sought help from a traffic police constable, who contacted the Sion police. The police are investigating the matter and trying to identify the man who took the boy to his house in Dharavi. The incident has shocked the community, and the police have urged people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

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