The Inside Story
MUMBAI: The Std IV student, who was traced to Chunabhatti on Thursday, told his father that an unidentified man had taken him to his house in Dharavi. He said he was not allowed to leave the house for 13 days. He also said he was beaten on his legs, but he managed to flee and reached Chunabhatti. Once there, the boy spoke to a traffic police constable and with his help got back home around 9.30pm.

The boy ran away from outside his flat at Sion Shivaji Nagar Cooperative Housing Society on October 6. His father had made him to stand outside the house for telling a lie that he had an extended session of tuition class. "The boy ran away from home when he realized that his tuition teacher would tell his father that he had left the class around 3.45pm, saying that he was going to the temple. Instead, he went to play with friends," inspector B S More of Sion police.

"We find something amiss in my son's explanation of how he ran from Dharavi and reached Chunabhatti. He said that after leaving home, he had walked with some boys and reached Sion station where he got lost," the boy's father said. When the boy was trying to find his way back home, a man accosted him and took him to his home, telling the boy he would help him return home on Sunday.

"My son said on reaching his house, the man's wife gave him another set of clothes to wear. They gave him food but whenever my son stepped out, this man's two sons accompanied him. On Friday, my son fled when the man was at work and his wife was in the kitchen," his father said.

The boy said he can't identify the place where he had stayed. "He said on reaching Chunbhatti, he asked a traffic cop for help to go to Bhau Daji Road in Sion. The constable called Sion police and gave them the boy's description which matched with the missing complaint," said More.

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