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Shaitan - A Criminal Mind: Inside story of the case (Episode 5 on 15th Dec 2012)

Jagir Kaur, an active member of the Shiromani Akali Dal, has been elected for the second time as the president of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC), an organization managing historic Sikh shrines and educational institutions in several Indian states. Her rise to power was meteoric, from a mathematics teacher to the post of President of the SGPC. She had previously held the same post from March 1999 to November 2000. Ms. Kaur was appointed Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister in addition to holding several other portfolios in the Parkash Singh Badal Cabinet, but resigned from the post of minister when she was appointed as the President of the SGPC. She was elected from the Bholath constituency in Kapurthala district in 1997.

The case highlights the dangers of megalomania and the need for individuals in positions of power to act with integrity and responsibility. It also brings attention to the importance of mental health and the need for individuals to seek help if they are experiencing delusions of grandeur or other psychological issues. Jagir Kaur was convicted in 2012 for the "illegal confinement, forceful abortion of her daughter" and was handed a sentence of 5 years. She was let off on bail on condition that she would not leave the country, and the investigation is ongoing.

Jagir Kaur's appointment as the President of the SGPC signifies a major milestone for women in Indian politics, as she is the first woman to be elected for the second time to this post. It highlights the need for gender equality and the importance of women's voices in decision-making processes.

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