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Crime Patrol: Mumbai: Black magic, money dispute behind Panvel murders (Episode 191, 192 on 15-16 Dec 2012)



The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra - November 7, 2013

The Navi Mumbai police arrested Chandrakant Waghmare in connection with the murder of four people on Diwali night at a Panvel farmhouse. Chandrakant has reportedly disclosed that one of those killed had invited the others to the farmhouse with the promise of doubling their money through black magic. The suspects arrived at the farmhouse with a huge amount of money, which could run into several lakhs, according to the police. They planned to perform some kind of worship after which the people would be able to double their money through black magic. But after the worship when the money did not multiply, a fight broke out among those present, following which four people were killed.

The police are still looking for other people who may have been involved in the incident. One of the victims had a bullet injury, while three others were allegedly bludgeoned to death in the farmhouse, which is in Shiravali village. The case highlights the dangers of superstitions and the need for individuals to be cautious when presented with such claims.

It is not clear how many people were present at the farmhouse. Chandrakant is being questioned by the police, and the investigation is ongoing.

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