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Crime Patrol: Retired police inspector held for daughter's murder (Episode 196, 197 on 29th, 30th Dec 2012)



The Inside Story

Pune, Maharashtra - November 28, 2011

The Pune Crime Branch has solved the murder case of Sunita Bhimrao Kamble, who was found murdered in her flat in January 2011, following the arrest of her father Bhimrao Kamble, brother-in-law Kalappa Shankar Kut, and Kut's brother Babasaheb Kut. Inspector Sunil Patil said that Kamble had allegedly hatched the plot to kill his daughter to gain possession of her flat, where they were living. Sunita's brother-in-law Kalappa Kut was responsible for strangulating her to death on January 14, 2011. The police managed to recover Sunita's cellphone from the Panchganga river in Kolhapur and traced Kut's involvement in the murder. Kut revealed that Sunita's father had asked him to kill her so that he could take possession of the flat. Kamble had requested the police commissioner to transfer the investigations to the crime branch, and the case was solved after a ten-month-long investigation.

The case highlights the need for greater awareness and sensitivity towards the issue of property disputes and inheritance-related conflicts within families. It also highlights the need for the law enforcement agencies to be proactive in dealing with such cases to ensure the safety and security of citizens. The case also underscores the need for greater accountability and responsibility among individuals and society towards the use and sharing of digital content and the need for timely intervention and counseling to prevent such incidents from occurring.

The police have booked Kut's wife for her alleged involvement in the plot. The case is an example of the complexities of family relationships and the need for greater awareness and intervention to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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