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Crime Patrol: 21-year-old Goan kills himself after MMS clip goes viral (Episode 195 on 21st Dec 2012)

The Inside Story

Keri, Goa - August 10, 2011

21-year-old Arjun Narayan Mainkar hanged himself to death on August 5, 2011, after he was threatened by his girlfriend's family following the circulation of an MMS clip of the couple. The suicide note written in Marathi said that he had agreed to marry his girlfriend when she turned 18 but was continuously harassed by her relatives. He wrote that he was committing suicide to get rid of the pressure and requested the chief minister of Goa to investigate his case and punish the culprits. Before committing suicide, he sent messages to his classmates saying, "Come with your open eyes to see my closed eyes."

According to the police, the girl's family had called a meeting and asked Arjun to marry her after the MMS clip went viral. Arjun's two-page suicide note revealed that he was pushed to end his life as he was threatened by his girlfriend's family who had threatened to harm his sister. After his death, his girlfriend twice attempted suicide. The police are investigating the case and no arrest has been made in the MMS case. The case highlights the need for greater awareness and sensitivity towards mental health and the need for timely intervention and counseling to prevent such incidents from occurring.

The tragic incident highlights the need for greater accountability and responsibility among individuals and society towards the use and sharing of digital content. It also highlights the need for law enforcement agencies to be proactive and vigilant in dealing with such cases to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

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