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Crime Patrol: One Ahmedabad blast victim, 3 claimants (Episode 240 on 3rd May 2013)

The Inside Story

Identification of Ahmedabad Blast Victim

A woman from Dehgam, Ahmedabad finally found her husband who was a victim of the 2008 serial blasts, making her eligible for compensation from the government. Meena Barot's husband, Chetan, had gone missing on the same day as the blasts, and when Meena saw a government advertisement to identify a victim, she thought it looked like her husband. But, the body had already been identified as Vipul Patel and cremated by another family who had received the compensation.

Meena had written to authorities asking for help to trace her husband and had approached the crime branch after reading about a man who had returned after going missing for years. However, another woman also claimed that the man in the photograph was her husband, leading the officers to conduct a DNA test to finally identify Chetan's body.

The case has had many twists and turns, with two other families laying claim to the body and one even performing the last rites and accepting the compensation. However, the return of the person they had "cremated" gave a twist to the tale. The identification of Chetan Barot's body has given closure to his wife and made her eligible for compensation.

It is important to note that this case highlights the need for proper identification of victims, especially during a tragedy like a blast, to avoid confusion and ensure that the rightful families receive compensation and closure.

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