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Crime Patrol: Mumbai man in net for cheating woman on marriage (Episode 241, 242 on may 4th, 5th 2013)



The Inside Story

Man arrested in Bangalore for cheating and bigamy case

A 35-year-old man from Mumbai named Arif Khan was taken into custody by the Seshadripuram police in Bangalore following a tip-off from Chennai police, who had booked a case of cheating against him. He was trying to flee the country to the Middle East with another woman when police intercepted him. A woman named Parveena had filed a complaint in Chennai, accusing him of marrying her while concealing the fact that he was already married.

Parveena stated that Khan had advertised through a prestigious online marriage bureau, contacted her, convinced her that he was a divorcee and offered to marry her. But later, Khan disappeared to Mumbai and married another woman, Reshma, a widow with a 14-year-old son and a native of Ahmedabad. Parveena had told police that Khan had taken her to Mumbai and other places before finally dumping her at Chennai.

Khan stated that he had not married Parveena and was only married to Reshma. The city police are waiting for the Chennai police to arrive and take custody of Khan.

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