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Crime Patrol: Trafficked, confined and raped in the heart of Delhi (Episode 281, 282 on 10, 11 Aug 2013)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Tragic Case of Sexual Exploitation and Police Apathy in Delhi, India

In a shocking incident just four kilometers away from the Indian Parliament in Delhi, a 19-year-old girl was kept captive and repeatedly raped for three months within a small cavity in the walls of a brothel at G.B. Road. Despite her rescue, the Delhi Police failed to register a gang-rape case and allowed her perpetrators to intimidate her during her court appearance. Instead of being reunited with her father, she was sent to Nari Niketan. The victim's ordeal began in February when she was abducted from her village in West Bengal.

The girl's brother had sought help from NGO Shakti Vahini, and with their assistance, a raid was conducted on May 9 to rescue her from the brothel. However, the trauma continued as the brothel owners appeared in court and attempted to coerce and threaten the girl to bring her back into the business. Despite her father being present and ready to take custody of his daughter, the court ruled that he could only do so through a regular court process, and the girl was sent to Nari Niketan on technical grounds.

According to NGO Shakti Vahini, the girl was a victim of an organized racket that involves the abduction and trafficking of teenage girls for the purpose of the flesh trade. This racket operates smoothly due to the professional coordination between brothel owners and traffickers, with the police often showing lukewarm response to these crimes against women. The case highlights the apathy and delays in registering missing reports by the West Bengal Police, who only fulfilled this requirement after the girl was rescued in Delhi.

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