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Crime Patrol: Karva Chauth: Gun-practicing killed woman on the occasion; youth held (Episode 308 on 26th Oct 2013)

The Inside Story

Mysterious Killing during Karva Chauth Celebration

In the city of Bathinda, Punjab, a shocking and seemingly random murder took place on the evening of Karva Chauth, leaving a 45-year-old woman dead.

The police claim to have solved the case and have arrested Shaganpreet Singh, a 25-year-old man who allegedly shot the woman from a distance of approximately 300 meters. It is reported that Shaganpreet was practicing shooting from the roof of his second-floor house in Gagan Nagar. Unfortunately, one of the bullets he fired struck Santosh Kumari, who was sitting in a chair on the fourth floor of an open-air restaurant in a hotel, where she was celebrating Karva Chauth with around 45 other women.

Shaganpreet, who had recently purchased a rifle, unintentionally caused the tragic incident. After buying the weapon, he went home and decided to test it on his rooftop at the same time when the women were gathering at the nearby hotel. One of his bullets struck Santosh Kumari in the head, instantly ending her life. The police were able to determine the trajectory of the bullet, confirming that it was fired from a distance of no more than 300 meters. Shaganpreet has been arrested and charged with culpable homicide and endangering life.


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