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Friendship Turned Fatal: The Daksh Patel Murder Investigation

Daksh Hasmukh Patel, a resident of Vadodara, Gujarat, was a student of BCom at MS University. Daksh's body was found in the basement of a commercial complex on October 4th. The Sayajigunj police quickly initiated an investigation, leading to the successful arrest of the mastermind behind the incident, Parth Kothari.

During the primary investigation, it was discovered that Daksh had a friendship with a girl who was also a friend of Parth. Parth suspected that Daksh was getting too close to the girl, which made him jealous. He even confronted Daksh and asked him to stay away from the girl, but when this didn't happen, Parth resorted to murder out of jealousy.

The police claimed that Parth had purchased a rope and a knife to carry out the incident. On October 3rd, he made plans to meet Daksh on Monday. After playing Garba with his family, Parth met Daksh like a normal friend and suggested making an Instagram reel to make it appear as though Daksh had been kidnapped. Daksh had no reason to doubt Parth, as he had known him for several years.

Subsequently, Parth took Daksh to the dark basement of Alankar Complex and convinced him to participate in the fake kidnapping video, promising that it would bring them a lot of comments and likes. While restraining Daksh for the video, Parth began the attack with a knife.

As Daksh did not return home that night, his family became worried, and they filed a missing person report at the Sayajigunj police station. They also tried to contact Parth, who claimed that he had not met Daksh. However, when the police examined CCTV footage, it became clear that Daksh was with Parth on the evening of Monday.

Parth tried to mislead the police by carrying Daksh's phone with him and moving around the city. After carrying out the incident, he disposed of the weapon, a knife, in the Vishwamitri River and removed the SIM card from Daksh's phone. Parth and Daksh seemed to have a shared interest in the same girl, as revealed in their WhatsApp chats.

Parth's older brother, Kevin, finds it hard to believe that Parth could commit such a crime. He describes Parth as a shy and introverted individual who never mentioned any girl to him or showed any interest in romantic relationships. Kevin has never seen Parth with any girl or a photo of a girl. Parth did not have a history of posting Instagram reels, and his Instagram account had no such content. He also avoided taking photos at parties. When asked if Kevin had ever met Daksh, he mentioned that Parth often mentioned Daksh's name, but since Daksh had never visited their house, he had never met him. On the night of the incident, at Parth's request, Kevin had driven Daksh to Sayajigunj, where Daksh was supposed to meet Parth. It was late at night, so Kevin had told Daksh not to go anywhere, but Daksh insisted that he would return within an hour.

On October 7th, the Patel community organized a silent march for Daksh Patel, demanding the death penalty for his murderer, Parth Kothari. The community gathered at Navalkhī Ground, and from there, they marched to the District Collector's office to submit a memorandum demanding a thorough investigation of the incident.

Parth's father owns a grocery store, and according to the police, Parth had stolen some gold ornaments from a relative's house a few months ago. However, no police complaint had been filed regarding the theft.

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