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Crime Patrol: "Give me justice or let me die". Desperate plea of acid attack victim who was left blind and deaf by the three men who had 'sexually abused her' (Episode 146, 147 on 24-25 Aug 2012)



The Inside Story

Acid Attack Survivor Struggles to Find Justice in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Just in (Ranchi, August 24, 2012): Sonali to get govt job in Jharkhand. Sonali Mukherji remembers that April 22 night, the night when everything went dark for her and her family.

Nearly a decade after being targeted by her jilted "lover" and two of his accomplices, Sonali (27) lives with the constant fear of a reoccurrence. She came to Bokaro to seek financial help from the state women's commission and shared her harrowing story of trauma. The acid attack took away her eyesight, but that was just the beginning of her family's ordeal. Her father quit his job to be with her after the attack, and her family had to shift to their ancestral home in Kasmar due to the incident's aftermath.

Sonali and her family have been living in terror ever since the attack, and her tormentors are now out on bail. The trio involved in the attack had been arrested five days post the incident and received a nine-year sentence from the district and session judge court. However, they managed to secure bail from the high court. Tapas Mitra, one of the three attackers, had his marriage proposal rejected by Sonali, which triggered the attack.

Sonali still suffers from 65% burns and receives a meager amount of Rs 200 per month from the government as disability allowance. The money is utilized to purchase medicines, and her grandmother receives Rs 400 per month as an old age pension. She expressed her desire to seek protection from the state women's commission for her family.


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  1. Very sad ... Does not make me feel proud to be an Indian ... Our judicial system sucks ... They actually let the criminals off on a bail ! Great going India!!

  2. Very sad ... Does not make me feel proud to be an Indian ... Our judicial system sucks ... They actually let the criminals off on a bail ! Great going India!!

  3. we should send appeals to president to get justice and besides help them to get some work or gather money to fulfill their daily life needs

    1. agree wid u.... we shud hlp her financially

  4. our govrnmnt sucks.... all these ministers n mla only know how to hotup their pockets.... from centrel gvrnmnt to state n panchayats all just sucks... aftr 65 yrs of freedom n as a most srongest developing contry we still r of stone age from our wrk n thinking.. shame on us.....

  5. Let us see what we can do now... She needs financial assistance let us pray she will survive to see her culprits repent on their deeds. Lets make her life better at least now. The government could not do it, police could not do it can people of India do some thing to correct what has gone wrong.
    After watching the episode I feel I have been wrong all these last nine years to cheer for this country. Sad and disappointing

  6. ek ladki apne astitav ke liye use bnane ke koshish kr rhe h or use es trah se dard diya aj tak uske zakm uske chehre se bya hote h fir bhi hats off to her ke wo apne man se hari nhe h.usne apne sahas ka parichey to diya h per jo har hmne apne kanoon ke dekhi h wo to asheney h kyo sonali safar kr rhe h jabki uske gunahgar khule ghum rhe h.9 saal es ldki ne jis dard me gujare h usse kisi ke bhi ruh kap jaye.are sarkar bnai kisliye h mulzimo ko sja dene ke liye?ya bekasooro ko?ye to jangal raj h or kuch nhe aj bhi kai jagaho me ladki ka atmnirbhar hona admi ko shen nhe hota h wo apne har swekar nhe krna chhate to aise kukratya krte h God pls bless her.pls God sja do un apradhiyo ko

  7. george04:46

    my mind goes blank to watch this episode really heart broken so sad after the 65 years of the independance of india its shame full
    I salute the brave girl and god bless to her and family too....

  8. Anonymous01:25

    god bless her and her family

  9. Anonymous01:26

    i feel really angry at the guys who threw the acid or somthing to her face !!!!!! WTF! is the matter with them and where did they get the acid from anyways!!!

  10. Anonymous01:30

    why did they sent them on bail?? hmm GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous10:07

    How can u help her?

  12. If you really want to help Sonali then you can deposit some money to Sonali father's bank account. We are doing our bit, you do yours if possible. Please get bank account detail from this post-

  13. Anonymous18:14

    along with the story real photograph of those swines should also be publicized so that they could be recognized by every one.

  14. Anonymous01:47

    why d hell dos 3 guys r nt getting arrested??if i can i would prefer to pour same % concentrated sulfuric acid on dos 3 guys face...i would rather say on dr whole body...aftr knwig everythng why no1 s arresting dm and who d bloody hell gave such kind of people bail!!

  15. Anonymous13:19

    Its really astonishing to see such real life case. I wonder even the culprit's family support them. and Sonali (Mitali) who is an asset to our country has suffered so much. What we can do on our part is to aware people and help the family as much as we can.

  16. sonali das14:21

    ur a brave girl..sonali...u held on so long...hold on a lil more....myself sonali das from ur state jharkhand....i am not earning right now...but when i strt earning...i ll remember

  17. Anonymous19:04

    Get the manhood of these criminals chopped off.


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