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Ranchi police on Sunday morning arrested three suspects involved in the killing of capital-based land broker Kundan, who was gunned down at Mukti Sharan Lane in Lalpur on June 20.

Rohit, Rahul and Gunesh Arora, all aged around 23 years, were arrested from Lalpur locality. Two firearms — a countrymade revolver and a 9mm pistol — that were used for the crime were recovered from their possession.

A motorcycle and a cellphone were also seized. The trio were sent to judicial custody at Birsa Munda Central Jail.

Addressing a news meet, Ranchi senior superintendent of police Prabhat Kumar revealed that Rohit and Rahul were sons of contractor Arvind Singh, who was killed in 2010.

Kumar revealed that Kundan, who was earlier an associate of Arvind Singh, was one of the accused in his murder.

The SSP also said Arvind was killed because he allegedly had an affair with Kundan’s first wife.

“Rohit and Rahul killed Kundan to take revenge of their father’s murder, while Arora helped them to commit the crime. The trio have confessed their involvement in the crime. Earlier, Rohit and Rahul had hired professional killers to eliminate Kundan. When the attempts failed, they decided to kill Kundan on their own,” said Kumar.

The senior officer revealed that Rohit and Rahul made an elaborate plan to trap Kundan.

“They created a fake email ID and Facebook account by the name of a girl. They sent a friend request to the land broker and started chatting with him. On June 20, Rohit and Rahul sent a message to Kundan from the fake account saying that he could meet the girl at a coffee shop at Lalpur in the evening. As Kundan approached the shop, the duo, who were tracking him, shot him,” said Kumar.

The senior officer added that the duo had deleted the email id and the Facebook account.

“Our technical support team is trying to retrieve information from the deleted accounts,” he said.

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