The Inside Story
Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh: In a tragic incident in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad district a father of a teenage girl was mercilessly beaten to death after he opposed the eve-teasing of his daughter.
A distraught girl asked the administration to book the culprits.

The accused in question is a neighbour of the victim and was harassing the young girl since a very longtime. The accused had even threatened to kidnap the victim.

“He teased me a lot and threatened to kidnap me. I told this to my father, and when he went to oppose it along with my uncles, he along with his brothers beat them all up,” the girl said.

The father was brutally beaten with rods, daggers and knives in their hands.

A case has been filed against one of the accused and he has been arrested.

“After she complained to my brother about the whole incident, he went and spoke to the boy’s father. But the father said he did not care, and after that, the boy along with his brothers attacked my brothers with rods and bats. They were severely injured and admitted in the hospital. My elder brother has passed away and the other has a head injury,” he said.

They were hospitalized immediately, but because of their condition, the doctor asked us to shift him to a hospital in Meerut immediately,” he added.

“A case has been filed against them and one of accused Imtiaaz has already been arrested,” said Inspector S.K Tomar.

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