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Crime Patrol: After 13 years, court finds investigating officer was killer in case he probed (Episode 408, 409 on 22, 23 August 2014)

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The Inside Story

Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

Investigating Officer Accused in Murder Case, Main Accused Acquitted

In a shocking turn of events, a court in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, acquitted the main accused in a murder case and instead charged the investigating officer (IO), sub-inspector PD Ratnakar. The case involved the murder of Shamshad Mirza, the photographer husband of Zahida Tabassum, which occurred in 2001. After 13 years of fighting to prove her innocence, Zahida finally succeeded in clearing her name and revealing the alleged crimes committed by the IO.

The court made this decision based on the available evidence and witness testimonies, including that of Mirza's daughter, Sayeeda Fatima. Fatima informed the court that she had witnessed IO Ratnakar among a group of masked men who forcibly entered their home and killed her father. Additionally, Mirza's son, Kamaal Ahmed, had stated in his police complaint that masked intruders had threatened the family and fatally attacked his father.

IO Ratnakar had arrested Zahida and Kamaal, accusing them of murdering Mirza due to a family dispute. However, Fatima's testimony played a crucial role in exposing the truth. She identified Ratnakar and his accomplice, Vishambar Das, and revealed that Ratnakar was angered when Mirza refused to develop certain negative photographs. The court found discrepancies in the case, including missing pages from the case diary and the absence of a concrete motive for Zahida and Kamaal to kill Mirza. Charges were framed against Ratnakar and Das, with the possibility of other senior police officers also being implicated.


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