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Crime Patrol: Man, grand-daughter murdered (Episode 412 on 5th August 2014)

The Inside Story
Punjab Mata Nagar, Phakhowal Road, Punjab

Shocking Double Murder Rocks Punjab Mata Nagar

The peaceful neighborhood of Punjab Mata Nagar in Phakhowal Road was shaken by a horrific incident as Narinder Kumar Anand (62) and his seven-year-old grand-daughter Rewa were discovered brutally murdered at their residence on Tuesday evening. Narinder Kumar, a retired manager of the Food Corporation of India, and Rewa fell victim to an unthinkable act of violence. The news prompted an immediate response from a team of police officials led by CP Ishwar Singh.

According to Narinder Kumar's daughter-in-law, Reena, two individuals had visited her father-in-law that evening. She accompanied them to his room before leaving the house to pay her daughter's tuition fees. Upon her return a few minutes later, she was met with a horrifying sight—her father-in-law's room engulfed in flames. The police investigation revealed that Narinder Kumar and Rewa had been attacked with a sharp weapon, and the perpetrators had attempted to set fire to their bodies. The authorities recovered a washed hammer and collected fingerprints and other potential leads from the crime scene.

While the motive behind the heinous act remains unknown, the absence of any signs of robbery at the crime site has raised further questions. Reena, who hails from Nakodar, had remarried Hitesh, Narinder Kumar's son, approximately six months ago. The investigation team remains determined to solve the case swiftly, drawing on vital clues discovered at the scene and vowing to bring justice to the victims and their grieving family.


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