In The Name Of Love: Lovers gets death penalty for killing their entire family (Episode 413, 414 on 6th, 7th Sep 2014)


The Inside Story
LUCKNOW: A sessions court in Jyotiba Phule Nagar district sentenced to death two young lovers who hacked to death all the six members of the girl's family at Bahman Garhi in Amroha on April 14, 2008. The court found their crime in the "rarest of rare'' category considering the two had conspired to kill their nearest ones in cold blood. It was also an extraordinarily quick dispensation of justice completed in just 27 months.
"It was a well thought out crime... which explains the culprits knew what they were up to. The crime was not a result of a fit of anger,'' the judge observed. As the death sentence was announced, Shabnam (25), who stood in a corner of the crowded court room in a burqa (veil), wept inconsolably. Carrying her 20-month son in her arms, she walked to the police van without a word, despite a scrum of reporters surrounding her.

Her partner in crime Saleem, while leaving the court, held her responsible. "Sab logon ke kehne par usne humko phasa diya'' (she got me implicated),'' he said, as he was virtually dragged towards the prison van.

The shocking incident had come to light on April 14, 2008, when Shabnam came running out of her house well past midnight, crying for help. Neighbours who came to her rescue were shocked to see the bloodbath inside her house.

Bodies of her father, Shaukat (50), mother, Hashmi Khatoon (42), brothers Rashid (22), and Anees (30), his wife Anjum (26), and their infant son, Arsh, were found bloodsoaked. While Rasheed was an MCA student, Anees worked as a civil engineer in Jalandhar. They were spending their vacations together when the ghastly murders took place.

Shabnam had then told the cops that she was asleep on the terrace and came down after it started to drizzle around two am. As she climbed down the stairs, she said she saw the bloody scene. Shabnam accused the local police of not responding to her cries for help. As a result, an inspector and four constables in the neighbourhood chowki were suspended.

Talking to TOI, then DIG Badri Prasad, now posted in Moradabad, said, "All the victims had slit injuries and the scene exhibited no sign of resistance from the victims suggesting they were drugged.'' The cops grew suspicious when Shabnam said she too had dinner with the rest of the family members but didn't get knocked off.

Investigators then deputed a woman SI and two lady constables on the pretext that the killers might target her. The trio later heard her talk to someone on phone. The call led the cops to their neighbour, Saleem, and the case was cracked. Shabnam and Saleem had wiped out the entire family because they were opposed to their marriage.

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