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Crime Patrol: Lovers get death for killing family (Episode 413, 414 on 6th, 7th Sep 2014)

In The Name Of Love
Lovers gets death penalty for killing their entire family (Episode 413, 414 on 6th, 7th Sep 2014)



The Inside Story

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Apr 2008

Court Sentences Two Lovers To Death For Murdering Girl's Family

A sessions court in Jyotiba Phule Nagar district sentenced to death a couple who murdered six members of the girl's family in Bahman Garhi, Amroha. The court categorized the crime as "rarest of rare" and found that the two had conspired to kill their own kin in cold blood. It was a swift and exceptional dispensation of justice completed in just 27 months.

Shabnam (25), the girl in the relationship, was weeping inconsolably in the corner of the crowded courtroom in a veil when the death sentence was pronounced. Carrying her 20-month-old son, she left the court without saying anything, despite reporters swarming around her. Saleem, her partner, held her responsible for the crime and was dragged to the prison van while blaming her for getting him implicated.

The couple wiped out the entire family due to their opposition to their marriage. The murders took place while Rashid, one of the brothers, was home on vacation from his MCA studies, and Anees, his other brother, was visiting from Jalandhar, where he worked as a civil engineer. All victims had slit injuries and displayed no sign of resistance, suggesting they were drugged.

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