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Crime Patrol: Neighbour arrested for ‘murder’ of 7-year-old girl in Chembur (Episode 427 on 25th Oct 2014)

The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Man arrested for murder of 7-year-old neighbor

Police have arrested a 30-year-old man for allegedly murdering his neighbor's 7-year-old daughter in Mumbai. Divakar Hazara reportedly killed the girl to prevent her from disclosing his attempted theft of money from her family's home. The victim, Beauty Sarkar, was found by her mother in a bucket of water at their Chembur home on Monday afternoon, and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. The police initially registered a case of murder against unknown suspects, but their investigation led them to Hazara.

The suspect, who lived in the same neighborhood, was apprehended by the police after questioning him about the theft and the murder. During interrogation, Hazara confessed to killing Beauty because he was afraid that she would tell her parents about his attempted theft. According to the police, the victim's family works most of the day, leaving their children alone at home. Hazara will appear in court on Wednesday.

The tragic incident has shocked the community and sparked outrage across the city. The police have urged residents to be cautious about leaving their children alone at home and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities immediately.

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