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Crime Patrol: To fake death, RTI activist burned homeless man alive in car (Episode 428, 429 on 31st Oct & 2nd Nov 2014)


The Inside Story

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

RTI Activist Fakes His Own Death, Burns Homeless Vagabond Alive

A shocking incident occurred in Noida where an RTI activist, Chandra Mohan Sharma, allegedly burned a homeless vagabond alive after failing to strangle him. The police claimed that Sharma wanted to fake his own death and flee to Bangalore to live under an assumed identity with a 25-year-old woman. The woman, Preeti Nagar, was arrested as a co-conspirator in the case. After grilling Sharma for two days, the police revealed the sequence of events leading up to the crime.

According to the investigating officer, Sharma lured the mentally unsound victim, whom he had befriended a few days earlier, into his car by offering him food. He then drove the victim to an isolated spot where his brother-in-law, Videsh, joined him. They attempted to strangle the man with a belt, but when that failed, they tied him to the driver's seat and burned him alive after pouring petrol. Sharma left his mobile phone and office keys in the car to lend authenticity to the incident.

Both Sharma and Nagar have been remanded in judicial custody. The police are still investigating the involvement of Sharma's wife, Savita.


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