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Jun 26, 2013
BELGAUM: Belgaum police arrested two sisters and three others for a two-year-old murder and a shooting incident that took place on the night of June 15 near Munavalli of Savadatti taluk recently.

The two sisters are Shwetha Chandrashekar Haarigency, 22, and Sushma Chandrashekar Haarigency, 19, from Jeevapura of Savadatti taluk. Police said that while Shwetha is a PU dropout, her sister is a BCom graduate.

Belgaum police on Tuesday arrested the five four persons, including the victim's niece, in connection with the shooting of a teacher of Benakati Primary School near Munavalli of Savadatti taluk.

With the arrest of these five, police also cracked a murder committed in 2011. The accused are Ravi Shankar Naukudakar, 22, Manjunath Basappa Dalvoy, 23 Yellappa Beerappa Maali, 25, all from Hidkal of Raibag taluk and the two sisters.

Shwetha Chandrashekar Haarigency, 22, and Sushma Chandrashekar Haarigency,19, from Jeevapura of Savadatti taluk.

Rajendra Devreddy, a teacher, was heading to his in-law's house in Savadatti on his two-wheeler when two men on a bike opened shot him from close range. He sustained bullet injuries on his back and was admitted to KLE Hospital in Belgaum city, where he is recovering.

When Rajendra was working at Mugalakud School his niece, Shwetha Chandrashekar Haarigency used to stay with him. Shwetha was involved with Ravi, one of the accused, said police. When Rajendra was transferred to Benakati Primary, he advised Shwetha to break off all ties with Ravi. Annoyed with her uncle's constant interference, Shwetha and Ravi plotted to bump off Rajendra.

Ravi and his two friends, Manjuath and Yellappa, shot Rajendra on the night of June 15. Before the shooting, the accused called Rajendra on his cellphone. This gave police the breakthrough they needed to nab the accused.

Murder most foul

During interrogation, police also solved another murder that had taken place in 2011, also involving Shwetha and Ravi. Basavaraju, 23, a college graduate, was in love with Shwetha and wanted to marry her, police said. Frustrated with his advances and interest in her, Shwetha and Ravi hatched a plan to kill Basavaraju. The duo alongwith Manjunath, Sushma and Basavaraju planned a trip to Goa. On their return from Goa, they strangled Basavarju to death and disposed of his body in the ghats. The victim's family had filed a missing complaint at Kudachi station, said police.

Ravi, Manjunath and Yellappa are also wanted in several cases of burglaries in Hidkal. They have looted 30 mobile phones and a computer apart from a two-wheeler, which was used for the crime.

Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil had formed two teams to crack the teacher's shooting incident. The team was led by Savadatti CPI MS Patil, Raibag CPI Sripad Juldhe and Savadatti PSI Ningagowda.

According to Police, the reason for the shootout is said that, the victim Rajendra was relative of accused Swetha. Before working at Benakati Primary School, Rajendra was working at Mugalakud School. During his stay in Mugalakud; Swetha, who happens to be Rajendra's sister's daughter, was staying with him. During this time, Swetha develops relation with the prime accused Ravi. When Rajendra came to know about their relation, he shifted his resident to Jeevapura of Savadatti Taluk and told Swetha not to continue any relation with Ravi. Swetha after getting annoyed with Rajendras scolding reported the incident to Ravi. The duo decided to teach a lesson to Rajendra. Ravi along with two of his friends, Manjuath and Yellappa with the help of stolen bike shot Rajendra at Munavalli of Savadatti Taluk. Before shooting the victim, the accused had made a call to Rajendra, this was the major hint for the police to track the accused.

During interrogation, the accused reveals about one more such incident committed in 2011. Two years back, in a similar case, the victim Basavaraju was pestering Swetha to love him; Swetha who got frustrated about Basavaraju's harassment, chalked out a plan with Ravi to eliminate Basavaraju. Ravi along with his friend Manjunath, Sushma and Swetha chalks out a plan to eliminate Basavaraju. Along with Basavaraju they plan a trip for Goa. When they were returning from Goa, the gang strangulates Basavaraju throw the body to nearby ghatt. The family members of the Basavaraju give missing complaint at Kudachi Police Station.

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