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Crime Patrol: 6-year-old boy killed to take revenge from father (Episode 435 on 21st Nov 2014)

The Inside Story

Kheri Naga, Punjab:

Six-Year-Old Abducted and Murdered Allegedly by Woman and Her Paramour

A woman and her paramour allegedly abducted and killed a six-year-old boy, Sehaj Singh, in Kheri Naga village because the child's father Narvair Singh had informed the woman's husband about her illicit relationship. Senior Superintendent of Police Mandeep Singh Sidhu stated that a combing operation was launched immediately after the boy's disappearance. The accused, Jaspreet Kaur and Amandip Singh, killed the child and dumped his body in a cattle shed of his family due to the operation. The family reported the recovery of the child's body to police in the wee hours of the day.

Amandip was a servant at the shop of Jaspreet's husband Fateh Singh, where Narvair also worked with him. Narvair informed Fateh Singh about the relationship between Amandip and Jaspreet, resulting in Amandip's removal from the job. The accused kidnapped and killed Narvair's son in retaliation for Amandip's removal from the job. The case is under investigation by the police.

This heinous crime highlights the dangerous consequences of extramarital affairs and how they can ruin the lives of not just the people involved, but also innocent children and families.

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