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Crime Patrol: Killer arrested, was all set to escape to Bangladesh where his lover resided (Episode 459, 460 on 17th, 18th Jan 2015)

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, Nov 2015:

Former Cellphone Technician Arrested for Murder and Robbery

Arvind Gupta, a former cellphone technician, was arrested for the brutal murder of Shagufta Khan, a homemaker, and robbery. Investigators said that Khan's elder daughter saw Gupta emerge from her mother's bedroom after the killing and was at grave risk as the accused did not want to leave any evidence. The teenager used her presence of mind and locked herself up in an adjacent bedroom. Her father told TOI that she is traumatized and will be taken for counselling soon. Gupta was arrested early on Thursday from Howrah station, West Bengal, by the Mumbai crime branch.

Gupta told sleuths that the plot to kill Khan was hatched at his girlfriend's hometown in Bangladesh in early November. He wanted to make a lot of money in the shortest possible time and settle in Bangladesh. Gupta often visited Khan's home in Rustomjee Riviera, Malad, to deliver handsets and accept payments. On November 11, he reached Khan's building at 3 pm. In the next seven minutes, he took the elevator upstairs, killed Khan, stashed jewellery worth Rs 70 lakh and Rs 10,000 in cash into a bag, and saw Khan's older daughter who returned from school with her sister.

Gupta panicked when the girl locked herself in a room and her sister ran down the stairs. He returned to the auto, wiping his hands on his clothes. He changed his clothes at a friend's place and took a 7 pm train to Kolkata the same day. Gupta was nabbed from Howrah station as he was to leave for Bangladesh. The government's recent move, allowing investigators to go across the country without prior sanction, helped in the case.

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