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Crime Patrol: 6 including 3 women arrested over selling a girl in madhya pradesh (Episode 921+922 on 26th May, 2018)

In a small village in Madhya Pradesh, a 22-year-old Dalit girl was abducted and sold three times by a group of six people, including three women. The Balwara police arrested all six accused, including a couple from a marriage bureau in Rajasthan, who were involved in kidnapping and selling the girl. The police officer in charge revealed that the accused have been sent to judicial custody, except for three who are still at large. According to the police, the girl had left home to visit her aunt when she was kidnapped by one of the accused. She was then taken to Rajasthan, where she was sold multiple times. Eventually, she was rescued by the police and reunited with her family. This incident highlighted the rampant discrimination against Dalits in India.

The incident had a profound impact on the community, and people started coming forward to demand justice for the girl. The local authorities promised to take strict action against the accused and ensure the safety of Dalits in the region. The incident sparked widespread outrage across the country, and activists started demanding that the government takes more measures to protect the marginalized communities. The girl's ordeal showed how the caste system still prevails in India, and people are discriminated against based on their social status. The girl's brave fight for justice served as an inspiration for others to come forward and fight against injustice.

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