Part 1

The Inside Story
VADODARA: The January 14 gang rape and murder case in Santrampur village has turned on its head with the investigations revealing that it was a case of honour killing.

The minor girl's parents allegedly murdered her after spotting her in a compromising position with a boy.

Police said that her parents took the body to a jungle on the hill with the help of one Manga Nayak and hanged it to cover up the incident. They also cooked up the rape story to take revenge on the minor boy.

The parents had earlier alleged that she was raped and murdered by four persons including the minor boy in the jungles near Kosamba village. "After murdering the girl, the parents got a suicide note written by her elder sister. The note along with a ball point pen was kept on the body. The note itself raised questions as it mentioned who had killed the girl and other details about the incident. A dead person could not have written this," said Mahisagar superintendent of police Usha Rada.

Rada said that they knew about an elder sister of the victim who was studying in standard 10 and could have written the letter. "We questioned the girl who cracked and gave us all the details," Rada said. The couple, Narvat Dindor and his wife Somi, both farm labourers, have been detained.

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