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Crime Patrol: Ambarnath woman killed by son’s college-going friends (Episode 485, 486 on 21th, 22th March 2015)


The Inside Story

Ambernath, Maharashtra

Three college students arrested for the murder of a housewife

The police in Ambernath have arrested three college students, including a minor, for the murder of Snehal Umrodkar, a 52-year-old housewife. The minor is a 17-year-old engineering student, while the adult accused are Virendra Naidu (22) and Kunal Singh (22). The three accused were friends of Snehal's son, Aaditya, and belong to well-educated families. The police have identified Naidu as the main accused, and he had been failing in college exams for some years. He allegedly plotted the murder to lay his hands on money at Aaditya's house.

On October 17, when Aaditya and his father, Vivek, were not at home, Singh and the minor accused entered the Umrodkar residence to ask where Aaditya was. They learned that both he and his father were away and then asked for Aaditya's mobile number. As Snehal was checking Aaditya's mobile number in a diary, she was attacked. The culprits fled with ornaments worth Rs 30,000. The police have charged the accused with murder and robbery.

The police investigation revealed that Naidu had been failing in college exams and wanted money to bribe someone from his college to clear his exams. The police said that Naidu and the others plotted the murder to lay their hands on money at Aaditya's house. The police arrested the accused after conducting a thorough investigation, and they have been remanded in police custody until further notice.

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