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Crime Patrol: Woman held for killing toddler grand-daughter with cerebral palsy (Episode 487 on 27th March 2015)

The Inside Story

Badlapur, Maharashtra

Grandmother arrested for drowning two-and-half-year-old grand-daughter with cerebral palsy

The Badlapur police have arrested a 45-year-old grandmother for the murder of her two-and-half-year-old grand-daughter with cerebral palsy. Initially, the police had registered a kidnapping case, but later found the girl's body in a nullah. According to the autopsy report, the child died due to drowning.

During the investigation, the grandmother, Mangal Borse, confessed to the murder stating that she was fed up with questions from relatives about the child's illness. She was embarrassed to reply to the relatives about the illness of her grand-daughter and threw her into the nullah.

The girl's parents had left her with the grandmother, who would take care of her while they were at work. The police suspected some family dispute behind the killing but later found out about the grandmother's confession to the murder.

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