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Crime Patrol: Half-burnt ID card helps cops solve murder case (Episode 492 on 10th Apr 2015)

The Inside Story

Bengaluru, Karnataka. Dec, 2016:

Man Sets Father-in-law Ablaze over Money Demand

The discovery of a half-burnt body in the Talli forest, on the outskirts of Bengaluru, shocked the cops attached to Kodihalli police station in neighbouring Ramanagaram district. The body was burnt beyond recognition, making it difficult to identify the victim, but a partially burnt laminated card was found at the scene. Using a chemical on the card, the cops found it to be a voter identity card, belonging to a marriage-broker from Gauribidanur in the state. The victim's family told the police he had been missing for two days.

The police analysed the call-data records of the victim and found that the last four calls were from his son-in-law, Vijayendra, who did not attend the funeral. When the cops picked up Vijayendra four days later, he confessed. Vijayendra had demanded that his wife return home, but his father-in-law had demanded money to facilitate her return. As Vijayendra's desperation increased, he set a trap for his father-in-law, hitting him on the head twice, and setting him ablaze with diesel. He fled the scene, but was caught due to the partially burnt identity card.

"Had it not been for the burnt identity card, it would have been a difficult murder mystery to solve," said sub-inspector Deepak Gowda.

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