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Crime Patrol: Two held for murder of youth (Episode 493, 494 on 11th, 12th Apr 2015)



The Inside Story

Hyderabad, Telangana | Jan, 2022

Two arrested for brutal murder of youth

The Chandanagar Police in Hyderabad have arrested two individuals in connection with the murder of 19-year-old Nayeem on January 31. Kiran and Kishore, both residents of Lingampally, were apprehended on Tuesday based on a tip-off. Additional DCP (Madhapur), M Srinivas Rao, explained that Nayeem used to consume alcohol with his friends regularly but had been avoiding them for some time. This angered Kiran and Kishore, who decided to teach Nayeem a lesson. They took him to Gopinagar Lake and made him consume alcohol until he was sedated before killing him in a secluded spot, stabbing him repeatedly in the throat, chest, and stomach.

The accused were presented in court and will be detained in custody for further investigation.

Such incidents highlight the importance of addressing the issue of excessive alcohol consumption among young people, which can have fatal consequences.

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