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The police on Wednesday solved a blind murder case, more than a year after a headless body of a woman was found in a residential plot of scheme no. 7 of the Gurdaspur Improvement Trust on the Tibri Road on December 12, 2011.

Superintendent of police (detective) Jagjit Singh Saroa told mediaperons on Thursday that police have arrested three people -- Sucha Singh alias Sonu, a resident of Fatte Nangal village, Michael alias Gora, a resident of Purana Dhariwal and Goldy, a resident of Mann Chopra -- in connection with the murder of Darshna alias Gogan, a resident of Sadhu Chak village near Gurdaspur.

Two other suspects, identified as Vijay Kumar of Kotli Khehra and Gora's sister Pooja, were yet to be arrested, police said.

The headless body The SP (D) said on the statement of one Bua Masih, a resident of Mann Chopra village, the Gurdaspur city police had registered a case under Sections 302, 201 and 34 of the IPC against his son-in-law Manoj Kumar for allegedly killing his daughter Goldy.Bua Masih had identified the headless body as his daughter's. Interestingly, a week after the body was found, police found Goldy and her paramour Sucha Singh alias Sonu at Bari Brahmana in Jammu.

In light of this revelation, the identity of the headless body became a mystery for police.

Manoj Masih, a Punjab Police constable and a resident of Barnala village, often used to quarrel with his wife Goldy over her alleged illicit relations with Sucha Singh alias Sonu, a taxi driver. After the headless body was found, Goldy's parents suspected that Manoj Masih had killed her. Her father Bua Masih identified the victim as Goldy from the clothes.

The relatives of Goldy also held a protest in Gurdaspur over the alleged delay by police in arresting the alleged killer and her husband Manoj Masih.

Tale of illicit relationship The SP (D) said one Darshna alias Gogan was a divorcee had a paramour Vijay who was already married and he had kept her in a rented house in Dhariwal. Of late, she had started pressuring Vijay Kumar to keep her with him permanently.

Saroa said it was then that the alleged killers plotted to kill Darshna to rid Vijay of her. As per the plan, this would also enable Goldy live with Sucha Singh alias Sonu forever by showing her dead in the eyes of her husband and parents as Goldy's husband Manoj Masih would go to jail on the charge of killing his wife. Saroa said Goldy, Sucha Singh and Vijay held a meeting at the house of Michael alias Gora at Purana Dhariwal.

He said the alleged killers also included Michael's sister Pooja in the plot to kill Darshna. Two days before the murder, Goldy and Sucha Singh went to Jammu. On December 11, 2011, Goldy and Sonu reached Pathankot by a train. Vijay joined them there with a Mahindra car.

Saroa said they reached Dinanagar where they called up Darshna and Pooja. Michael alias Gora also came there. Darshna was told that she was being taken to a marriage and she should borrow a suit from Goldy.

Saroa said Darshna changed her clothes at the bus stand, Dinanagar, and they all went to a dhaba at Paniar village near Gurdaspur where they took food. Saroa said Goldy mixed some poisonous substance in Darshna's food, which made her unconscious. The SP (D) said then they took her to Gurdaspur bypass and severed her head off the body with a 'datar'.

The police officer said the accused put her severed head in a polythene bag and threw it in the nearby Upper Bari Doab Canal at Tibri and dumped her body in a residential plot of the Improvement Trust's scheme no.7 on the Tibri Road and went back to Pathankot from where they left for different destinations.

Saroa said police had also registered a case against Goldy's father Bua Masih for filing a false case against Manoj Masih who was later found innocent.

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