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Crime Patrol: Blind murder case solved; three held (Episode 513, 514 on 30th, 31st May 2015)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Gurdaspur, Punjab

Police solve headless body murder case after a year

The police have arrested three people in connection with the murder of Darshna alias Gogan, whose headless body was found in a residential plot in Gurdaspur in December 2011. The police have identified the accused as Sucha Singh alias Sonu, Michael alias Gora, and Goldy. Two other suspects, Vijay Kumar and Gora's sister Pooja, are yet to be arrested. The police solved the case after more than a year of investigation.

Goldy's parents had suspected that her husband Manoj Masih had killed her. However, the identity of the headless body became a mystery for the police. One Darshna alias Gogan had a paramour named Vijay, who was already married and had kept her in a rented house in Dhariwal. The alleged killers plotted to kill Darshna to

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