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Crime Patrol: Mumbai Crime - Kidnappers flee with Rs 2 crore as cops look on (Episode 518, 519, 520 on 12th, 13th, 14th June 2015)

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Nine Including Wealthy Businessman Arrested for Kidnapping Ghatkopar Builder's Son

The Mumbai police have arrested nine people, including the wife of a mechanical engineer, Ajit Aparaj, for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a 21-year old businessman's son from Ghatkopar in March. Ajit Aparaj, who runs a car dealership with his wife during the day, has been accused of being a professional kidnapper at night, with three successful kidnappings in the city on his record.

According to joint commissioner of police, crime, Atulchandra Kulkarni, the gang would keep an eye on the rich people staying in housing societies in the eastern suburbs, and follow them to study their movements. On March 11, the victim was abducted by the gang and taken to Ajit's farmhouse in Murbad, where he was kept for ransom. The victim's father was asked to pay Rs2 crore for his safe release.

The abductors were meticulous in their approach and kept the location of the victim's whereabouts hidden by using different SIM cards and traveling at least 25-30 km away from the spot. They also took out the battery of the phone after each call.

After several days of negotiation, the abductors informed the victim's family that a parcel was left on top of a bus stop near their house, containing a new handset, a SIM card, and a video of the victim. The family was told to communicate only through the new handset.

On April 12, Rakesh called the father early in the morning and asked him to come to Aarey Colony with the ransom in a bag. In an isolated area, the father was asked to throw the bag over a wall of a building. The police were watching and arrested the kidnappers when they came to collect the ransom.

The accused have been identified as Ajit Aparaj, Rakesh Kanojia, Gautam Gupta, Vijay Wadale, Deepak Salve, Manish Gangurde, Avinash Dethe, Ganesh Koyande, and Bharti Aparaj. One Suresh Pandey is still wanted in the case. The detection of the case has been a matter of high significance for the Mumbai police as the accused managed to extract a ransom of Rs2 crore from the victim's family.

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