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Crime Patrol: Mumbai: Mom, stepdad abandon girl in local train, file missing complaint (Episode 547, 548 on 22nd, 23rd Aug, 2015)

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The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jul 2017

10-year-old abandoned in train by mother and stepfather, found safe at relative’s place

The parents of a 10-year-old girl abandoned her on a local train in Mumbai on July 3, and then filed a missing complaint with the police. The girl, Priyanka Gupta, was found safe with relatives in Chembur a week later. Upon questioning by the police, she revealed that she had been verbally abused and harassed by her mother and stepfather since her father’s suicide two years ago. She also said that her parents wanted to get rid of her and that she did not want to stay with them anymore.

The police were alerted by the missing complaint filed by Priyanka’s mother and stepfather, who posed as Priyanka’s father. The police began to suspect foul play when they discovered that Priyanka’s father had committed suicide two years ago. The couple and a family friend they were staying with were arrested and booked under Sections 317, 177, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. Priyanka was placed in the custody of her relatives in Chembur, who have enrolled her in a local school.

Priyanka’s story of survival and bravery has touched many. Despite being abandoned by her parents, she managed to find her way to her relatives’ home and kept her wits about her while being questioned by the police. Her relatives have agreed to take care of her and give her the loving home that she deserves.

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