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मुंबई में कारोबारी की पत्नी की हत्या,नौकर फरार

मुंबई। मुंबई के सबसे पॉश इलाके जुहू में एक 50 साल की महिला की हत्या कर दी गई है। पीड़ित महिला का नाम मिनौती पारेख है और वो बड़े कारोबारी की पत्नी बताई जा रही हैं। हत्या कल रात की गई है, महिला का शव घर के बाथरूम में पड़ा मिला। हत्या के वक्त महिला घर पर अकेली थीं।
पीड़ित महिला अपने पति और बेटे के साथ जुहू के पॉश गुरु कृपा सोसाइटी में रहती थीं। हत्या का शक घर के नौकर पर जा रहा है क्योंकि हत्या के बाद घर में लूटपाट की गई। लाखों की ज्वेलरी और कैश गायब है और नौकर फरार है, नौकर का नाम दिलीप है।

नौकर पारेख परिवार के साथ सिर्फ तीन महीने से था। पुराने नौकर के कहने पर उसे रखा गया था और उसका पुलिस वैरिफिकेशन नहीं कराया गया था। दिलीप की कोई तस्वीर भी नहीं है क्योंकि वो अपने साथ अपनी तमाम तस्वीरें भी लेकर फरार हुआ है।

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MUMBAI: The domestic help who has been arrested for murdering the wife of a businessman in her plush duplex flat last week, had sent the building security guard to a nearby shop to buy some snacks so that he could sneak in his brother. The siblings had planned to rob the family as they were deep
in debt.

The accused, Dilip Mandal, had also tried to waylaid the police by naming two other domestic helps in the building as his aides to protect his brother, but his lie was exposed during sustained interrogation, said a police officer.

The victim, Minoti Parikh (50), lived in Guru Kripa building with her husband, Ajay, and daughter. The family had hired Dilip two months ago on a recommendation of a previous domestic help. The Parikhs were one of the promoters of Zandu Pharma before they sold their stake and ventured into a new business.

On seeing Minoti Parikh keep valuables in the house, Dilip allegedly hatched a plan to rob them and roped his elder brother, Ghanshyam, who was employed as a domestic help with a Walkeshwar family and had been recently fired. The Mandals wanted to repay a loan taken from a moneylender and also wanted to spend on a relative's wedding.

On February 23, after Dilip told his brother that Minoti was alone in the flat, the latter reached there. But he didn't enter in the building as there was a security guard at the gate. He informed Dilip about it, said a police officer.

Minoti was watching television when Dilip told her that he was going downstairs for some time and requested her not to close the door, said the officer. She could not see the door from where she was sitting, added the officer. Dilip gave the security guard Rs 100 to buy snacks for him from a nearby shop, and sneaked Ghanshyam into the flat, the officer added.

Ghanshyam hid in a bathroom, while Dilip went into the kitchen. After a while, he told Minoti that cooking gas was not working properly. When she entered the kitchen, Dilip grabbed her and Ghanshyam joined in. Minoti resisted them and screamed for help but they strangled her. They did not realize that she had died, the officer said. They tied her hands and legs, collected valuables worth Rs 33 lakh and fled before the security guard returned.

The police said Dilip went to a relative's place in Haryana, while Ghanshyam took the valuables and went separate ways.

The Juhu police caught Ghanshyam first with the valuables and his interrogation led them to Dilip. API Deepak Sawant of the crime branch unit 9, along with the Juhu police, later arrested Dilip from Haryana.

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Juhu murder: Cops to question duo, suspect more accomplices

After the Juhu police along with officers of the crime branch's unit 9 arrested two accused for allegedly robbing, plotting and executing the murder of a 50-year-old woman, the police suspect the involvement of more people in the murder.

After the Juhu police along with officers of the crime branch's unit 9 arrested two accused for allegedly robbing, plotting and executing the murder of a 50-year-old woman, the police suspect the involvement of more people in the murder.

The prime accused, 19-year-old Dilip Mandal, was caught in Haryana, and his brother Shyam, 23, was caught in Delhi. The duo, who got a transit remand from a court in Delhi, will be produced before a magistrate court in Mumbai on Friday.

The duo decided against going to their hometown in Bihar, and fled to Delhi instead, all the while knowing they were being chased by the police. Despite this, they kept their phones active, to receive updates on police movement via their friends and media. This in turn, helped the police trace their locations.

DCP Vinayak Deshmukh said that preliminary interrogations were conducted in Delhi and the police believe the duo had more accomplices in the murder. He added: "We may have arrest one or two more people in the coming days. This can be confirmed only after the brothers are grilled after being brought to Mumbai."

He added: "We are also questioning the suspects after Dilip said that there were two others involved in the act." The suspects are also believed to be domestic helps working in the same building with whom the accused were in constant touch with.

According to officers, Shyam is the main conspirator and was allegedly instructing his brother in plotting the murder. Shyam used to work as a domestic help in Walkeshwar but was fired from his job a few weeks ago, said the police.

DCP Deshmukh said: "Dilip had spotted the family keeping jewellery inside the cupboards after attending a family wedding a few days ago and informed Shyam. We believe that Dilip and one or two other accomplices strangulated the lady after which he handed over a large part of the booty to Shyam."

Following this, they went their separate ways. While Dilip took a train to Haryana at 7 pm by Punjab Mail express, Shyam took a 23:30 train to Delhi.

After tracing their locations, the police formed three teams who went to Delhi, UP and Bihar, and nabbed them on Wednesday afternoon from Delhi and Sonipat in Haryana.

The deceased, Minoti Parikh was allegedly robbed and strangled on the third floor of her residence in Guru Kripa building in JVPD on Monday. Dilip fled with Rs1 lakh, and diamonds and gold worth Rs33.5 lakh after committing the murder. Her husband Ajay and their daughter were at work during that time. Parikh's son and daughter-in-law live in another building in the same area.

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