The Inside Story
In a lurch: at a Rajasthan school, a corpse is hanging for over a year

In Nichli Anjani village of Mandva, along the Rajasthan-Gujarat border, a body has lain hanging in the compound of a deserted school for over a year.

The body has decomposed into a skeleton but the family of the deceased still refuses to accept it.

The reason: the age-old tradition of Mautana or death money.

Ajmeri, a 36-year-old from Nichli Anjani, had gone to see his sister in Boojha village in May 2014. A month later, Ajmeri's decapitated body was found on a hillock near Boojha and taken to his home.

His family, however, refused to take the body. They alleged that Ajmeri had been murdered by Boojha's residents and demanded Mautana from them.

When Boojha's elders rejected the demand, Ajmeri's dead body was hanged inside the dilapidated school compound.

Complicating the matter is the fact that Nichli Anjani is in Rajasthan whereas Boojha falls in Poshina, Gujarat. This meant that for over a year, the police forces of the two states kept passing the buck to each other until villagers of Boojha recently approached a local court.

The court has since asked the Mandva police to investigate the matter. The body, however, is yet to be removed.

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