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Crime Patrol: Failed Actor Arrested for Kidnapping and Murder of 13-Year-Old Boy (Episode 573, 574 on 24th, 25th Oct, 2015)

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New Delhi, India - Nov, 2016

Failed Actor Arrested for Kidnapping and Murder of 13-Year-Old Boy

A 22-year-old son of a builder, Pratap Singh Sisodia, has been arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Utkarsh, a 13-year-old boy who was found dead near a drain last week. The accused, a failed actor and part-owner of a call center in Noida, wanted cash to buy out his business partner and spend on his model girlfriend, police said. Sisodia knew Utkarsh's family as his father had built their house. The duo killed the boy because he was creating a ruckus.

The prime suspect, Sisodia, committed the crime along with his aide Siddharth Sharma, a mobile phone technician who wanted to open a car accessories shop. Sisodia's girlfriend, Urvashi, was a witness to the crime as she was present in the flat where Utkarsh was killed but wasn't involved. Urvashi has been made the star prosecution witness and told police that she had been threatened by the two to keep quiet. The arrests were the result of seven days of intense interrogation of more than 400 people.

Joint Commissioner Sanjay Baniwal said Sisodia intercepted the boy and took him to his flat on Sharma's scooter. At the flat, Utkarsh was made to have a cold drink laced with 18 tablets of Alprax sleeping pills. After he stopped responding, they decided to dump the body. Ironically, Utkarsh was alive till then but died on drowning as he was dumped with his head down, his autopsy report says.

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