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NEW DELHI: The 22-year-old son of a builder has been arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Utkarsh, 13, an east Delhi jeweller's son who was found dead near a drain last week, a day after being waylaid while returning from school.

The accused, Pratap Singh Sisodia, is a failed actor and part-owner of a call centre in Noida. He wanted cash to buy out his business partner and spend on his model girlfriend, police said after arresting Sisodia and his accomplice. Sisodia knew Utkarsh's family as his father had built their Gandhi Nagar house.

Cops said the duo killed the boy because he was creating a ruckus.

Police claimed to have solved the case of kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Utkarsh Verma by arrested two youths with no previous record of crime.

"The prime suspect Pratap Singh Sisodia, a resident of Beverly Hill apartment in Geeta Colony had committed the crime along his aide Siddharth Sharma, 22, a mobile phone technician who wanted to open a car accessories shop," special commissioner of police (law and order) Deepak Mishra told TOI.

Sisodia's girlfriend, Urvashi, was a witness to the crime as she was present in the flat where Utkarsh was killed but wasn't involved, police said. Urvashi, who has been made the star prosecution witness, told police that she had been threatened by the two to keep mum.

Police said the arrests were the result of seven days of intense interrogation of more than 400 people. During this process, the cops zeroed in on Sisodia. The two families had come to know each other well and Sisodia believed the jeweller could easily pay a ransom of Rs 1 crore.

Sisodia had studied acting at the Ice Institute in Mumbai but could not get a break after which he returned to Delhi and opened a call centre with a friend in Noida. A financial crunch and the yearning to make a fast bucks led him to hatch the audacious kidnap plan.

Joint Commissioner (eastern range) Sanjay Baniwal said on the afternoon of November 18, Pratap intercepted the boy 50 metres away from where was dropped by the school cab and told him that his grandmother had passed away. He took the boy to his flat on Sharma's scooter and even had a banana shake on the way to win his trust.

At the flat, Utkarsh was made to have a cold drink laced with 18 tablets of Alprax sleeping pills which knocked him out. Around 7.30pm, Sharma stepped out and made the first ransom call from Geeta Colony Pushta and returned to the flat.

Utkarsh had woken up by then and insisted on going back to his parents. The two again sedated him using more Alprax pills. Soon, Siddharth made the second ransom call from near V3S Mall in Laxmi Nagar, using a different SIM and phone.

"Meanwhile, Sharma also visited Utkarsh's house and came back in panic, saying around 100 people had gathered at the house. Late at night, Utkarsh woke up again and created a ruckus saying he wanted to talk to his parents. Unable to control the child and finding the situation unfavourable, they decided to get rid of him," DCP (east) Ajay Kumar said.

Around 2.30am, the two first throttled him with their hands and then took turns to hold down the boy and pressed against his neck with their feet. After he stopped responding, they decided to dump the body. Around 4.45am, they got on the scooter. Sisodia rode and Utkarsh was held in the middle by Sharma. They dumped him in a gutter at block number 12, Geeta Colony.

Ironically, Utkarsh was alive till then but died on drowning as he was dumped with his head down, his autopsy report says.

The police recovered the body the next day around 7am after being informed by a passerby. As gloom descended on the Verma family, the accused began covering their tracks. The girlfriend was asked to shut up or be killed. Sisodia even visited the victim's house the day the murder was discovered, said the boy's father, Mukesh Verma.

By Monday, five days after the murder, cops the duo in their crosshairs. The two were interrogated at length and they finally broke down and confessed to the crime. Sisodia's girlfriend also deposed against him and told the cops that she had tried her best to stop them from killing the boy but had been shut in another room.

The girl gave her statement before a magistrate under 164 CrPC. Sisodia and Sharma were arrested and produced before the magistrate, after which they were taken on police remand. The cops said they would aim for maximum punishment to the duo for their crime.

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