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Crime Patrol: Haryana: Man who ‘killed’ 4 children, shifted states, avoided mobile phones, say Cops (Episode 725 on 21st Oct, 2016)

The Gurgaon Police reported on Thursday that Devraj, accused of killing four children in a Haryana village two years ago, never used a mobile phone and kept shifting across state lines to avoid detection. The 23-year-old was finally arrested on Tuesday and subsequently led the police to the site where he had allegedly dumped the bodies, which were found as skeletons. Devraj had killed his nephew, niece, and two of their friends as he was constantly taunted by his brother-in-law. Devraj, along with his wife, fled to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and then to Dattawali village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh after the murders.

The accused did not keep a mobile phone to avoid being traced, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime), Rajesh Kumar Chechi. Devraj had befriended a girl in a village in UP’s Aligarh, eloped with her, and married her when he came to Hariya Hara village in Haryana, where he lived with his sister. His living with his sister did not go down well with her husband, and they often fought. After the murders, Devraj and his wife fled to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, and then to Dattawali village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. The parents of the murdered children left Hariya Hera Village after the incident and returned to their native village in Uttar Pradesh, where the Gurgaon Police called them to identify the remains of their children.

The police may also send a team to UP, along with the accused, to gather evidence related to the murder, including the knife used in the murders and the clothes worn by him on that day. The police have yet to conclusively identify the children and will take DNA samples from their parents for identification purposes. After identification, the skeletons will be handed over to the parents for the last rites.

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