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Crime Patrol: Brother kills woman sarpanch for lighting mother’s pyre in Chhattisgarh (Episode 561 on 25 Sep 2015)

The Inside Story

Raipur, Chhattisgarh - Mar, 2021

Woman sarpanch killed for lighting mother’s pyre

A woman sarpanch from Mohda village, Raipur district, Chhattisgarh, lost her life for fulfilling her mother's last wish. Geeta Prahlad, the sarpanch, defied tradition and lit the pyre of her mother, Surjubai, on March 31. Even though Surjubai had a son, she wanted Geeta to perform the last rites. Two days later, Geeta was killed by her elder brother, Santosh, alias Tejram Verma, and his younger son, Piyush. They hacked her to death for denying a son his right.

Kushboo, Geeta's daughter, was with her mother during the attack. Kushboo said, "Santosh threw my grandmother out from his home 22 years ago. My mother was looking after her all these years. He did not perform his duty as a son when my grandmother was alive but killed my mother for doing something which every daughter should do — fulfil her mother’s last wish." After killing Geeta, Santosh and Piyush attacked her younger sister Seeta and were hunting for Aniruddha Singh, Geeta's husband. The police arrested them later.

Geeta's husband, Aniruddha Singh Prahlad, said she had not claimed any property and her act might have hurt Santosh's ego. "He shouted after murdering my wife that it was entirely his right to perform Surjubai's last rites," said Mr Singh.

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