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NEW DELHI: A 25-year-old college dropout has been arrested for allegedly robbing the house of an elderly woman before brutally murdering her at her residence in west Delhi's Punjabi Bagh area, to make up for the losses through which he and his family was going through, police said today.

Anurag Jain has been arrested and robbed jewellery, Rs. 13 lakh in cash, blood stained clothes of accused, weapon of offence have also been recovered, they said.

The victim, identified as Sulochna Bansal (62) was found with around 30 stab wounds at her residence while her five-year-old grandson was found locked at the first floor of the residence.

She was declared brought dead at a local hospital. The house was ransacked and valuables were found missing.

The DVR (CCTV Camera recording device) was also found stolen and the CCTV camera was found disconnected.

A case of murder was registered and during investigation a motorcycle without a number plate was found parked near the house of the deceased. Also, the engine number of the bike was was erased.

Police traced the ownership of the motorcycle on the basis of the chassis number and it was found to be registered in the name of Anurag Jain.

When contacted on phone, he tried to mislead but could not give any justification about the non-display of number plates.

When he avoided joining the investigation, a trap was laid at his residence and he was nabbed late in the night when he came to his house in a car.

"On sustained interrogation he broke down and confessed to his crime. As he and his father were suffering from financial losses in business. He got information that Ms Bansal family is financially strong and he can get good amount of cash and jewellery in their house.

"He recede the house for a week and planned the robbery. For committing the robbery, he purchased a set of knives and chopper from Paschim Vihar and stitched a mask to hide his identity during the crime," said DCP (West) Pushpendra Kumar.

Yesterday, at about 6.30 am, he entered the campus of house of Ms Bansal. He disconnected the wires of two CCTV camera's which were in his reach and could not disconnect the other two as they were fixed at a height.

He observed the activities of the inmates and he noticed that Ms Bansal and a lady left the house at around 11 am, police said.

"The door of the house was left opened by them. Finding an excellent opportunity, he entered the house and went to first floor of the house. He was noticed by Sulochna Devi. She raised an alarm and ran after him. He came back to ground floor," he said.

"The deceased also chased him to ground floor and tried to grapple him. He attacked her with knife. After a few stabs, the knife broke. He took out another knife and attacked her.

Finally, he used the chopper and killed her. Thereafter, he went to first floor of the house and locked 5-year-old boy in the bathroom and ransacked the house. He took out the cash and the jewellery from the house," said Mr Kumar.

During the robbery, someone rang the doorbell from ground floor and also called on the mobile phones. He came down with looted jewellery and cash and DVR of the CCTV in his bag and ran through the back corridor of the house.

"He concealed the cash and jewellery and DVR in his car and the blood stained clothes in his house and the remaining knives at ganda nala at Punjabi Bagh.

"In order to conceal his identity he had used masks during the commission of the crime. Stolen cash, jewellery, DVR, blood stained clothes etc. have been recovered at his instance, he said.

According to police, Anurag Jain belongs to a middle class family and has studied up to 12th standard. Thereafter, he joined 'Lloyd Law college, Greater Noida' as regular student for integrated course of BA-LLB. It was a five years course but he has completed just six semesters and thereafter left the college and started business in which he suffered losses and could not recover.

His father is in the business of construction and is a Government contractor and works for MES.

He also suffered losses and his firm suspended him about three years ago as he could not fulfill the term and condition of the contract. In order to meet his personal losses and the losses of his family he planned for the above robbery and executed his plan, police said.

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