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Crime Patrol: Girls drugged into puberty, sold as prostitutes (Episode 582 on 2nd Nov, 2015)

The Inside Story

Alwar, Rajasthan

Prostitution Racket in Rajasthan Pushes Girls into Puberty with Injections

A prostitution racket in Sodavas and Girvas villages in Rajasthan's Alwar region has come to light. Girls, some as young as six months old, are kidnapped and injected with growth hormone Oxytocin to hasten their sexual maturation before being sent to Mumbai or the Gulf for prostitution. The injections are given repeatedly and unregulated by villagers who 'raise the girls as their own daughters.'

Oxytocin, available across the counter in Alwar, is injected into vegetables to boost their growth or given to buffaloes to boost milk yield. It causes hormonal changes, leading to early puberty and increased feelings of love, trust, and sexual arousal. The girls are given veterinary-grade Oxytocin, more effective and readily available than the human-grade version, causing girls as young as six or seven to suddenly look like teenagers.

The Rajasthan police denied the prostitution racket's existence and the use of Oxytocin injections on girls. While police are investigating the women in the area with passports issued over the last few years, the thriving international prostitution racket's well-organized trend shows that the girls' situation remains grave.

Sodavas and Girvas villages, with no farming or cattle population, have palatial homes and dish TV antennas, revealing the amount of money flowing in from prostitution. Although there are mostly girls in these villages, the state has a skewed sex ratio tilted in favour of boys. The police recently raided Girvas village to rescue some kidnapped girls. Dr Anuradha Kapur, a gynaecologist, warns that unregulated doses of Oxytocin can affect the central nervous system, causing seizures and other side effects.


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  1. This is the most heinous crime i have ever ever across. It is highly unnerving and disappointing to know about such deeds being carried out by humans. A sheer shame. Such criminals should be given the harshest punishment possible. And every girl whose life they spoilt should be allowed to slit their throats off.
    Thank you team India Today for busting the racket and thank you team Crime patrol to bring such cases to light and thank you to all the people including Indian police who have helped in busting this racket. Proud of you all. Jai Hind.

  2. Can sum body tell me the name of the girl who plays role of asha


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