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Crime Patrol: Bhawna Yadav: Small dreams of Delhi 'honour killing' victim (Episode 612, 613 on 28, 29 November, 2015)

Part 1

Part 2

The Inside Story

Delhi, India

'Father held Bhawna by the feet, mother choked her to death'

The parents of Bhawna Yadav, a woman from Delhi, who was allegedly killed for marrying outside her caste have confessed to strangling her to death. Bhawna had argued with her parents at their Dwarka home before her murder. She had returned home with her parents from her husband's house in Dwarka, on November 15, and learned that her parents had fixed her marriage to someone from their caste in Alwar. She reportedly had an argument with her parents where she reasoned that she was legally married and could not marry again. Her mother took the lead in beating up her daughter, insisting they should "end the matter." She then strangled her daughter to death, while the father held her by the feet.

Bhawna's parents called their relatives in Alwar to tell them a snake had bitten Bhawna, and they were bringing her to the village for treatment. The parents left the village the same night without informing anyone. Bhawna's uncles also revealed that the family had reportedly made all arrangements for Bhawna's marriage to a man from Akbarpur in Alwar. Bhawna's parents' involvement in her death was not known to the village residents who turned up for her cremation. The family made a pyre of cow dung cakes just a few meters away from their house and cremated her without any priest or last rites performed.

Abhishek, Bhawna's husband, is reportedly receiving threat calls to withdraw the case. The police are also on the lookout for Bhawna's uncle, who had threatened to shoot Abhishek. "More arrests are likely in the case," said Tajender Luthra, joint commissioner for Southwestern range.

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