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Crime Patrol: 22-year-old plans father’s murder for govt job (Episode 771 - Case 13 / 2017 on 25th Feb, 2017)

Montu Arya, a 22-year-old man, was arrested for planning the murder of his father, Deen Dayal Arya, a revenue inspector. Montu planned his father's death to take over his father's job. Montu had a criminal history and was part of the 'Satish Gang,' which threatened traders for ransom. His associate, Rana, confessed to Dayal's murder and how Montu had promised him Rs 5 lakh.

Montu confessed to having planned the entire murder. After his father's death, Montu convinced his mother of his innocence and claimed that the police were trying to frame him. He asked his mother to tell the cops about how a gang of robbers killed Dayal after the family failed to furnish Rs 10 lakh as ransom. However, the police did not believe Montu's story and arrested him.

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