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Crime Patrol: Mumbai crime: Three arrested for kidnapping baby (Episode 599, 600 on 26th, 27th Dec, 2015)

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Part 2

The Inside Story

Childless Couple Steals Three-Month-Old Baby in Mumbai

The Deonar police in Mumbai arrested three accused - identified as Wahid Ali Shaikh, Jishan Khan, and Mobin Qureshi - for allegedly kidnapping a three-month-old girl named Falak from Vile Parle last month. The accused hatched a plan to steal the baby after the mother, Soni Salman Shaikh, refused to give up the child for adoption to Wahid Shaikh and his wife, Shehnaz.

On February 13, Shehnaz visited Soni's house in Dr Zakir Huss-ain Nagar, Govandi, and asked her whether she would give up her daughter for adoption. When Soni refused, the trio hatched a plan to kidnap the baby. On February 17, Shehnaz visited Soni again and told her about a man who wanted to marry her. Soni agreed to go along with her daughter to Haji Ali, where they offered prayers and ate at a nearby stall. After that, they took a train to Vile Parle station from Mahalak-shmi. A rickshaw driver came to pick them up, and when Soni returned after buying water, the trio had driven away with Falak.

The accused were presented in the Holiday court and taken into policecustody. A case has been registered under Indian Penal Code Sections 363 and 34. The accused were identified as scrap dealers, and Mobin had known Soni. The childless couple, Wahid and Shehnaz, wanted to adopt a baby as they had been unable to conceive for the last 15 years. The police found Falak with Wahid when they went to arrest him.

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