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Crime Patrol: Is this woman one of ISIS's top Indian recruiters? Hyderabad mother of three arrested for radicalising young people online (Episode 80, 81 on 5th, 6th January, 2016)

Hyderabad, India

Alleged ISIS recruiter deported from UAE to India

Afsha Jabeen, also known as 'Nicole' or 'Nicky Joseph,' was deported to India on Friday after being under surveillance for nine months for allegedly being an ISIS recruiter. She allegedly used a fake identity to attract non-Muslims to Islam and used the internet to radicalize young Indian boys to join the terrorist organization. Intelligence agencies believe that 30 Indians have joined ISIS.

In 2008, Jabeen started a Facebook group called "Islam vs Christianity," encouraging discussions on the two religions. She got the idea of pretending to be a Christian who converted to Islam after seeing a YouTube video. She married an Indian man who also adopted Islam, and the couple has three daughters who were deported with her.

Jabeen has been arrested under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967, and charged with promoting enmity between different groups and criminal conspiracy. Officials are interrogating her to find out who her handler was and whether she was directly in touch with ISIS leaders. Her name first came up in January 2015 after a Hyderabad youth she was in touch with was arrested for being in contact with her.


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