30-year-old Nitin Mani apparently suspected his wife, Shweta, of being involved in an extra-marital relationship.

Even in the genre of murder mystery films, it is difficult to find a case where a physically challenged person is the killer. But what Nitin Mani has claimed to have done would have given Alfred Hitchcock a brainwave.

The 30-year-old, paralysed from waist down in a motorcycle accident three years ago, has claimed to have throttled his wife and son to death on the night of his sixth wedding anniversary.

He then tried to stab himself to death and failing which, he called in the police and turned himself in. Apparently Nitin suspected his wife, Shweta, of being involved in an extra-marital relationship and thus chose to eliminate her.

What comes as a surprise was how Nitin, who according to the woman's family had to depend on others even for the slightest movement, managed to kill his 26-year-old wife and four-year-old son Garv.

Adding further twist to the tale was the fact that Nitin's parents and two brothers were in the same house when the murders took place. But none of them heard anything.

Could there be more to the story than what Nitin was claiming? Shweta's family members thought so, as they trained the needle of suspicion on Nitin's relatives.

"Nitin was dependent on others even for the slightest movement. How can he murder two people? My daughter and grandson were poisoned," alleged Dinesh Verma, Shweta's father, who runs a jewellery shop in Bhogal, south Delhi.

It was alleged that the murders were planned as Nitin's family members wanted the Rs 50 lakh compensation for themselves. Following the accident three years ago, Nitin, who was an interior decorator, was awarded Rs 71 lakh in compensation. He had received Rs 21 lakh, which he had deposited in the bank in the name of his son, a student of GD Goenka School in Rohini. Nitin was waiting for the remaining amount.

Family members revealed Nitin had become grumpy and sank deeper into depression following the accident, which rendered him wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

On Thursday evening, Nitin celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary with his family members at their Beghumpur residence.

The party went on till midnight and family members said Nitin had allegedly consumed alcohol.

His mother claimed that around 2.30 am, she heard a knock on the door. "I opened the door and was surprised to see the police. They started inquiring about my son," Nitin's mother Sushma said.

The police then knocked on the door of Nitin's room and when no one answered, broke it down to see Shweta and Garv lying on the bed.

"It looked like they were sleeping on the bed," Sushma, who believes her son to be innocent, said.

The police said the murders could have been committed one hour after the party.

"Garv wanted to sleep with me, but I had asked him to sleep with his parents. I could have at least saved him," Sushma lamented.

Police said around 1.50 am they received a call from Nitin informing them about the double murder. He had also called up Shweta's family members and told them about his crime.

Police shifted the bodies to Sanjay Gandhi hospital and took Nitin in custody. His brothers Shivam (28), a salesman, and Rohit (26), who owns and drives a radio taxi, were detained for questioning.

"He had turned into a desperate man after the accident and it is possible he may have committed the crime. He sometimes abused me as well. He thought that his life had come to an end after the accident," Nitin's father Mahinder Pal said.

"The couple had an argument after the party. We are investigating into the matter. There were three stab wounds on Nitin's body. He claims he tried to kill himself. Postmortem will throw light on the murders," a police officer said.

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