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Crime Patrol: Delhi: Paralysed man 'kills' wife, 4-year-old son (Episode 609 on 22 Jan, 2016)

New Delhi, India

Paralysed Man Allegedly Kills Wife and Son on 6th Wedding Anniversary

30-year-old Nitin Mani, who was paralysed from the waist down due to a motorcycle accident three years ago, allegedly strangled his wife and four-year-old son to death. He later attempted to stab himself and informed the police, who then arrested him. Nitin suspected his wife of having an extramarital affair.

Family members of the deceased doubted Nitin's ability to commit the murders, as he depended on others for even the slightest movement. They alleged that the murders were planned by Nitin's family members, who wanted to take the Rs 50 lakh compensation that Nitin received for the accident. Nitin had become grumpier and depressed after the accident, according to his family members.

The police suspected that the murders were committed an hour after the family's sixth wedding anniversary party, during which Nitin allegedly consumed alcohol. The investigation is ongoing, and postmortem reports are awaited to shed light on the case.

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