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Crime Patrol: India's oldest prisoner walks out of jail at 108 (Episode 624 on 21st Feb, 2016)

Uttar Pradesh

India's Oldest Inmate Brij Bihari Pandey Released at 108

Brij Bihari Pandey, who was India's oldest inmate at the age of 108, has been released from Gorakhpur jail in Uttar Pradesh on humanitarian grounds. Pandey, a Hindu priest, had been serving a life sentence since 1987 for the murder of four people when he was 84 years old. Officials cited his frequent hospital visits and bedridden state as reasons for his release.

Pandey was carried from prison to a waiting car by his relatives, as he was unable to walk. During his trial, lasting more than two decades, Pandey was sentenced in 2009. Along with 15 others, many of whom were his nephews and family members, he was found guilty of killing four people over the appointment of a rival as the chief priest of a Hindu temple.

As he left the jail, fellow inmates placed a garland of flowers on Pandey, who received it with a broad smile, and thanked God. With Pandey's release, the authorities hope to ease the burden of taking care of such an old prisoner in the jail.


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