It was black Friday for residents of Gaur Global Village at Crossings Republik: a day after a woman resident died a bloody death in her bathroom, her husband confessed to the police of killing his wife with a cricket bat.

The police had arrested Mohit Sharma, the husband, on Thursday when 35-year-old Ruchi Sharma was found dead inside her flat at Gaur Global Village. Sharma broke down during police interrogation and revealed that he hit his wife with a cricket bat during an argument, which killed her.

Sharma, a software engineer with a company in Gurgaon, had misled the police saying that she died after hitting her head on the commode after a fall in the washroom.

However, police recovered a blood-stained cricket bat and also found it suspicious that Sharma did not call up for any help after his wife’s injuries. They also found scratch marks on his hands that further strengthened the suspicion. By Thursday evening, the victim’s family also forwarded a formal police complaint and got lodged an FIR against Sharma for the alleged murder.

The accused said that his wife was unhappy because she could not complete her higher studies after marriage. They often fought over this issue.

Mohit and Ruchi studied together since class 5 and later studied in the same college.

“While I was pursuing my master's in computer applications, she pursued her master degree in science. As we faced a lot of opposition due to our affair, we decided to marry. This led her to miss out one of her final year examination papers and she could not complete her studies. This became a point of frequent confrontation,” Sharma told the police.

“Even on the morning of the incident, the same issue cropped up. I swung the bat just to drive her away but it hit her. She bled and I wanted to take her to a doctor. But she threatened me of dire consequences and it angered me,” police quoted the accused.

However, police investigating officers said that after the injured woman threatened her husband, he allegedly hit her several times with the bat, which finally killed her.

“During late night questioning, he broke down and narrated the entire sequence of events that led to her murder,” said Chandra Sen, investigating officer of the case.

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