A 42-year-old man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and disposed off her body after being inspired Bollywood flick Drishyam has confessed to his crime, the police said.

Vikas Mhatre, the accused, allegedly killed 48-year-old Sunita Ahire and just as portrayed in the movie, hid her body and tried to create alibis by visiting several places and trying to gather witnesses who he thought would later corroborate his claims.

However, the police nabbed him within six months of the crime taking place.

On June 24, 2015 Navi Mumbai police found the decomposed body of a woman at Mahape area. The body, which was buried near the roadside, was discovered after two days of heavy rain. Upon finding the body’s hands tied up with a nylon rope, the police concluded it must be a murder and started investigation. The postmortem revealed the woman had sustained head injury as well as fractures in her jaws.

The police said, “After three months when we did not get any clue of the case we printed posters of the dead body and the things we receovered around it and distributed it in all over Mumbai. In December, the Ghatkopar police told us one lady had been missing from Ghatkopar from June 3 and till then they hadn’t got any details on it. We called her family, who identified the body.”

Meanwhile, Sunita Ahire had gone missing on Jun 3, 2015. Sunita, was living with her husband and has three children, who are all married. “As her husband is an alcoholic, Sunita had to earn to take care of the family. She took up a job under Mhatre, who was in the business of making plastic visors Diva. They then fell in love with each other,” they added.

Sunita left her home on June 3 and went to Mhatre’s Diva flat to live with her lover. Police said, “Mhatre did not like Sunita’s decision and they had an argument. Then Mhatre strangulated Sunita with a plastic wire and killed her. Later, he kept the body in a big plastic drum for two days. After smell started emanating from the body he poured cement in the drum and sealed it. When he came to know that Ghatkopar police interrogating his friend Ghadi and they would call him too, he took Sunita’s mobile phone and went to Shirdi, then Sinnar and specifically stayed at one hotel by mentioning the names of Sunita and him. He spent a long time in a temple, telling the priest there he was waiting for Sunita, so that the priest would later tell the police he had been waiting for Sunita.”
After he returned to Mumbai, he took the drum to a place near Mahape and buried her body. Mhatre confessed to his crime on January 10.

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