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Crime Patrol: Man admits to ‘Drishyam’ style murder (Episode 635, 636 on 12th, 13th Mar, 2016)

Navi Mumbai, Jun 24, 2015:

Man inspired by Bollywood movie confesses to girlfriend's murder, after 6 months

A 42-year-old man, Vikas Mhatre, has confessed to killing his 48-year-old girlfriend, Sunita Ahire, and disposing off her body, after being inspired by the Bollywood movie "Drishyam". He had hidden her body and created alibis by visiting several places to gather witnesses that would later corroborate his claims, just like in the movie. However, the police were able to arrest him within six months of the crime taking place.

The police found the decomposed body of a woman buried near the roadside in Mahape area on June 24, 2015. After finding the body's hands tied up with a nylon rope, they concluded it was a murder and started investigating. The postmortem revealed the woman had sustained head injuries and fractures in her jaws. In December, the Ghatkopar police informed that a lady had been missing since June 3, who was later identified as Sunita Ahire.

Sunita, who was married and had three children, took up a job under Mhatre, who was in the business of making plastic visors in Diva. They fell in love and she went to Mhatre's flat on June 3. After they had an argument, Mhatre strangulated Sunita with a plastic wire and killed her. He kept the body in a big plastic drum for two days and later buried it near Mahape. Mhatre confessed to his crime on January 10, 2016.

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