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Crime Patrol: Peerbagh murder: A love story, a death, a man who thought he was a woman (Dial 100 Episode 116 on 23rd Mar, 2016)

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, Jan 2016:

Srinagar Boy Killed After Discovering His Online Love Interest was a Boy

A 20-year-old boy from Srinagar was brutally murdered by another young man after discovering that his Facebook girlfriend was actually a boy. The victim's family has expressed doubts about the police's explanation of the incident. The Jammu and Kashmir police arrested four people, including three railway police officers, for allegedly shifting the body instead of informing authorities.

The case came to light after the discovery of the mutilated body of Owais Bashir Malik near a railway bridge in Srinagar on January 12. The incident sparked violent clashes between protesters and security forces, who were accused of involvement in the murder. The police's Special Investigation Team announced that they had solved the case.

According to the police, Owais was in contact with Ishaan Majeed, a person posing as a girl named Umaira. When Owais pressed Umaira to meet, the latter finally agreed, and it was then that he revealed his true identity. In the ensuing fight, Ishaan allegedly pushed Owais off a railway track and kicked him repeatedly.

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