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Crime Patrol: रई में सिर कुचली अज्ञात लाश मिली (Episode 637, 638 on 18, 19 March 2016)

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The Inside Story

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Unidentified Youth found Dead in Raee (Rai) Mohalla

An unidentified youth's body was found on Sunday in Raee Mohalla of the city. Police are treating it as a case of murder due to the condition of the crime scene. The body of the youth was found in a pool of blood with his head severely crushed. Police have taken possession of the body and placed it in the morgue. The deceased is said to be around 30 years old and was found semi-naked at the crime scene.

After inspecting the crime scene, Police Superintendent Roshan Lal Sharma revealed that the body was found inside an abandoned building about 15 meters inside from the main road. The incident came to light on Sunday morning when locals spotted the body and alerted the police. The victim was wearing blue jeans, and his clothes were found scattered near the body. Despite various attempts, the police have failed to identify the deceased as yet.

The densely populated Raee Mohalla has become a cause for concern for authorities due to the high possibility of criminal activities. The police are investigating the matter and are trying to gather more evidence. The residents have been urged to stay alert and report any suspicious activities to the authorities immediately.

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