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Crime Patrol: Gurgaon man held for getting wife murdered by contract killer (Episode 728 on 28th Oct, 2016)

The incident took place in southwest Delhi's Chhawla area. According to police, a Gurgaon resident, Lalit Dahiya (24), has been arrested for allegedly hiring a contract killer to murder his wife, Monika, on September 20. Sahil (22), the contract killer, has also been arrested. Dahiya claimed that he was under pressure from his wife to leave his parents and sisters and live separately with her, but he did not want to do so.

Dahiya paid Sahil Rs. 8 lakh to kill Monika, according to police. On the day of the incident, as the couple was returning from Monika's house in an SUV, Dahiya got down from the vehicle to reportedly take a leak. Monika was shot while sitting inside the SUV in Raghavpur village. Sahil used a pistol given to him by Dahiya to shoot Monika. Dahiya initially avoided the police's questions, but after Monika's cremation and sustained questioning, he confessed to his involvement in the crime.

Dahiya's motive for the murder was Monika's demand that they live separately from his family, according to the police. Dahiya, who is pursuing post-graduation from a private university in Gurgaon, had bought the pistol from an acquaintance for Rs. 25,000, the police added. After the incident, Dahiya staged a robbery attempt to mislead the police, but he was arrested.

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