A Gurgaon resident was arrested for allegedly getting his wife murdered by a contract killer in southwest Delhi’s Chhawla area on September 20, said police Friday. The contract killer has been arrested too, police added.

Lalit Dahiya (24) claimed he was under pressure from his wife to separate from his parents and sisters and live elsewhere with her, but he did not want to do so, said police. He hired Sahil (22) to eliminate his wife Monika, police added. Dahiya, who is pursuing post graduation from a private university in Gurgaon, made the deal with Sahil for Rs 8 lakh, said police.

Monika was shot while she was inside an SUV parked on the road at Raghavpur village at about 3 pm. Seconds earlier, her husband had got down from the vehicle to reportedly take a leak, said police. The family was returning from Monika’s house. Dahiya and Sahil had decided this was when she would be targeted, added police. Dahiya had given Sahil an advance of Rs 50,000, a two-wheeler and a pistol to shoot Monika, said police. Dahiya had bought the pistol for Rs 25,000 from an acquaintance at his university, said police.

Moments after Monika was shot, police received a call about the incident. When officials reached the spot, they were told the woman’s husband had taken her to Metro Hospital in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Monika was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Dahiya told the police he had got down from the vehicle when he heard a gunshot. He claimed a man with a pistol came out of his vehicle and fled with an accomplice. He claimed his wife had a bullet injury on her face and their 5-month-old daughter was crying in her hands.

Initially, Dahiya avoided questions, but during sustained questioning, after Monika was cremated, he confessed to his involvement in the crime, said police. “The accused staged a drama of a robbery bid to mislead the police, but could not succeed and was arrested,” said Surender Kumar, DCP (South West).

Dahiya, a resident of Dhanwapur village in Gurgaon, had married Monika on January 26 last year.

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Husband hired contract killer Sahil for Rs.8 Lakh and himself provided the weapon i.e. PISTOL and a Honda Activa Scooty to execute the plan. Honda Activa Scooty No. HR-26-0611 and the mobile have been recovered.

The sleuths of Special Staff & AATS of South-West District and PS Chawala have decoded a sensational,self-staged, highly dramatical and meticulously planned broad daylight blind murder case of a lady named Smt. Monika Dahiya and have arrested the main conspirator who happens to be her own husband namely Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay S/o Sh. Attar Singh R/o C-18, Ram Vihar, VillageDhanwapur, Gurgaon, Haryana Aged – 24 years and hired killer Sahil S/o Rashid R/o Dhobi Bag Road, VIll- Tauru,Distt- Nuh (Haryana) aged 22 yrs. Accused Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay is a graduate from Sunrise University, Alwar, Rajasthan and was pursuing post graduation from AmityUniversity, Panchgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana. On 26/01/15 he got married to Monika D/o Kuldeep Shokeen R/o Village Chawala, Delhi and the couple have a 5 months old daughter from the wedlock. He wasu nder tremendous pressure from his wife to get separate from his parents & sisters but he was not inclined. The issue resulted in many quarrels between thecouple. Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay,the husband wanted to get rid of the situation somehow, hence he planned to eliminatehis wife. He hired contract killer Sahil@ Anil S/o Rashid R/o Dhobi Bag Road, VIll- Tauru, Distt- Nuh (Haryana) for Rs.8 Lakh and himself provided the weapon i.e. PISTOL and a Honda Activa Scooty toexecute the plan. Honda Activa Scooty No. HR-26-0611 and the mobile have been recovered. On 20/04/16, a PCR call was received at PS Chawala, Delhi that a lady hassustained gunshot injury at main road, Village Raghavpur, Delhi. After reaching the spot it was learnt thatthe husband of the lady has taken the injured lady to Metro Hospital, PalamVihar, Gurgaon. She was declared broughtdead at the hospital. The husband of thedeceased narrated that he was on the way from his house to his in-laws’ houseat Chawala in his Tyota Fortuner HR-26-CM-0090 along with his wife Monika and 5months old daughter. At 3:05 PM hestopped there to pass the urine and left the vehicle unlocked while his wife& daughter were in the vehicle. Suddenly on hearing the noise of accelerator and gunshot sound, he rantowards the vehicle and saw a boy coming out of his vehicle with PISTOL in hishand. He tried to catch him but that boyaimed his PISTOL towards him and fled from the spot on scooty which was drivenby his associate Shokeen. When hereturned to his vehicle he found that his wife has sustained bullet injury onher face and his 5 months old daughter was screamingly crying in the hands ofher mother. He immediately took hisinjured wife to the hospital where she was declared brought dead. Case FIR No. 174/16 dated 20/04/16 U/s 302/307/34IPC & 25/27/54/59 Arms Act was registered at PS Chawala and investigationof the case was taken up. The incident was not only heinous & sensational but also executed on road in broad daylight, hence was widely covered by media. Due to this incident, public at large was terrified and there was sense of insecurity among the public. Keeping in view the incident which was heinous, callous and in humane, where a mother was shot dead on road when her 5 months daughter was in her hands a joint team of Special Staff, AATS/South-West District, and PS Chawalacomprising of dedicated police personnel under the supervision of Sh. JagjitSangwan, ACP/Operations was constituted comprising of Insp. Ramesh Kumar (Spl.Staff), Insp. Raj Kumar (AATS), Insp. Sheelwant (BHD Nagar), SI Naveen Kumar, Manoj Bhatia, HC Sriom, HC Pawan Kumar & HCJaiveer with other staff from Spl. Staff/SWD & AATS/SWD.

INVESTIGATION& OPERATION: Taking into the gravity of this heart-rending heinous broad day-light murder on road, amassive hunt was launched to trace the accused and various police teams were formed. The investigation of the casewas carried down on each & every minor point including personal enmity,extra-marital affair, business rivalry, modus operandi of accused etc. leaving nostone unturned. Help of technical surveillance, secret informers, analysis of CCTV footages etc. was also taken.Raids were conducted at various places in Delhi, Haryana to nail down thecriminals. During investigation, it wasfound that the complainant was not able to give crystal clear reply to many queries like as if motive was to rob the vehicle then why the accused personsafter boarding on vehicle didn’t took away the vehicle, why the accused firedthe lady only & not the complainant, why the complainant left the vehicleat lonely place and went far away just to pass the urine etc. and several variationsand discrepancies were found in his statements. Initially he avoided the cross questions & lengthy investigation and started screaming & fainting on various occasions. Moreover the relatives of the deceased wereinclined to get the rituals completed first. Keeping in view the sensitivenessof the matter sustained interrogation could not be carried out. Once the cremation of the deceased was overthe husband of the deceased namely Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay was recalledfor interrogated. His story was full offlaws and lot of variations were found in the facts narrated by himearlier. Hence in depth interrogationwas carried out and due to repeated sustained & persistent interrogationshe broke down and confessed his involvement in the crime. Hence the husband of the deceased Lalit Dahiya@ Dheelay was arrested in the case. He also disclosed that he has hired one ofhis known persons to kill his wife. The killer came with his one accomplice tocomplete the offence and fired upon the deceased at one prefixed place and time.A dedicated team of Special Staff/SWD comprising of Insp. Ramesh Kumar, SINaveen, HC Jaiveer, HC Sriom and HC Pawan was formed to arrest the killers andseveral raids were conducted at various places in Delhi & Haryana. The dedicated efforts paid off and theoffender, who actually fired upon the deceased, was arrested on 29.04.16. The arrested criminal has been identified as Sahil@ Anil S/O Rashid R/O Dhobi Bag Road, Vill- Tauru, Distt- Nuh (Haryana), Age-22yrs. The efforts are being made to arrest the remaining offender.
INTERROGATION : During the interrogation the accused Lalit Dahiya has disclosed that he is the only brother of his four elder sisters and has got much love & affections from whole of his family, due to which he is very much attached with his parents and sisters. He is graduate from Sunrise University, Alwar, Rajasthan and was doing post graduation from Amity University, Panchgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana. On 26/01/15 he got married to Monika D/o Kuldeep Shokeen R/o Village Chawala, Delhi and has a 5 months old daughter from his wedlock. His father-in-law is a retired Sub-Inspectorof Delhi Police. His wife Monika was free-mindedand wanted to live her life independently of joint family restrictions. She used to pressurize Lalit Dahiya to getseparate from his family and shift to some other house. Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay was not inclined and hadrefused to separate from his family. Therefusal added fuel which resulted in several quarrels between husband andwife. The accused Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay was under tremendous pressure and wanted to get rid of the situation somehow andcould not sustain more pressure. Hencehe planned to eliminate his wife and contacted a contract killer Sahil @ Anil R/o Village Neem Ka, Mewat, Haryana. The deal to murder Monika was fixed forRs. 8 Lakh and Sahil @ Anil demanded the weapon, two wheeler & Rs. 50,000/-in advance. Hence Lalit Dahiya @ Dheelay arranged an English PISTOL which hepurchased for Rs. 25,000/- from one Akash R/o Palwal, Haryana who was hiscolleague in Amity University, Panchgaon, Gurgaon and provided the same toSahil @ Anil along with Honda Activa Scooty & Rs. 50,000/- advance on 19/04/16and told him that next day he will go to Chhawla with his wife and will stophis vehicle near Village Raghavpur and leave the same unattended. As per planning he stopped his TotoytaFortuner and Sahil @ Anil along with his associate and shot dead Monika andfled away from the spot. Accused Lalit Dahiya@ Dheelay has already been arrested. Interrogation of accused Sahil @ Anil S/O Rashid has revealed that he is 9th passand son of a labourer. His native village is Neemka, Punaina, Distt- Nuh. After the murder of his uncle by him and his family, they shifted to Vill Tauru andhe took up the job of labourer in ducting job being contracted by his uncle (Mama) Shamsuddin. He also did ducting workat village of Lalit Dahiya and both came to know each other around 2 yrs back.Lalit offered him huge money in lieu of murder of his wife Monica and he couldnot resist the lucrative offer. He roped in his friend Shokeen and both came tothe scene of offence on the scooty provided by Lalit Dahiya and fired upon thedeceased using weapon, also provided by Lalit Dahiya. Mr. Surender Kumar, IPS, Dy.Commissioner of Police said, Lalit Dahiya @Dheelay S/o Attar Singh R/o C-18, Ram Vihar, VillageDhanwapur, Gurgaon, Haryana Aged – 24 years

Sahil @ Anil S/O Rashid R/O Dhobi Bag Road, Vill- Tauru, Distt-Nuh (Haryana), Age-22 yrs The Special Staff & AATS of South-West District has done acommendable job in working out this sensational case and is being suitablyrewarded. Efforts to nab other accusedpersons namely Akash is being done and investigation of the case is in progress.

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